Liberty Forged

the State has no money of its own, so it has no power of its own. ` Nock

An Excerpt

Posted by Jesse on March 2, 2007

Taken from “The Moral Promise of Freedom” March 1994:

“We may never know the full truth about Waco or the extent of government perfidy, but we can draw lessons from the experience. This particular event was a fiasco, but it also tells something about what our government has become: “the organizer-in-chief of society,” as Bertrand de Jouvenel said, which is “making its monopoly of this role ever more complete.” It is a parasite and a monster that acts to protect itself. Mises was right: government’s nature is coercive. It is “beating, killing, hanging.” Coercion is necessary in society to protect the rights of property holders against those who do not respect property. But when government itself become the source of arbitrary violence, we have tyranny. That’s why unchecked power should never be invested in a centralized government, even one with a democratic mandate. This power will invariably be exercised at the expense of peaceful social relations.

In its dealings with the community of believers at Mount Carmel, the central government abandoned the moral promise of a free society, and, as all tyrannies eventually do, ignored its own standards of law and ethics. But it paid the price of losing some measure of public confidence, which is already at historic lows. A government that governs by fear alone eventually finds itself unable to govern at all.”

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