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Ron Paul For President: Support and Recognition

Posted by Jesse on March 6, 2007

Wanna know how he voted?!

Congressman Ron Paul will appear live on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal on Monday, March 12th starting at 7:30 a.m. ET.

The guest of Honor of a gracious host:

An audio excerpt from the Liberty Forum (NH) in late February:

A nice little article w/an interview by Brian Doherty->Senior Editor of Reason
Another reason article by David Weigel->Assoc. Editor of reason:
(featuring a Lou Dobbs clip)

An article and radio broadcast, KUHF, Houston Public Radio:

More and more coverage is becoming available!,2933,252847,00.html

Thanx for the help! Politico!
And a follow up article from you can see, the support is much needed! Check out the comments below! There is great support, but obvious pessimism that the people can’t change things for the better! This will get us nowhere fast!

Washingtonpost article by Libby Copeland.

MSNBC-> by George F. Will
The comments on the above article
Look at all the positive response!
Take these strong messages to the poles!!


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