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More support for Ron Paul

Posted by Jesse on March 14, 2007

An article by Murray Sabrin on how Ron Paul can win!

It’s so true! Take all the votes he received last time he ran. Multiply by $1. Imagine each voter sending $5! An hours pay even!
There are several long months ahead. That would be a substantial sum!!
Small investment 4 a great gain!!
I plan on sending a given amount per week/month. 1hr pay per week perhaps.

I remember Paul commented on how much is wasted during these campaigns. Given his consistent advocacy for sound money policy and his emphasis on the importance of expenditures in general, I am willing to bank on the fact his campaign will be frugal, yet effective.

To make things a bit simpler and available, click here so you can contribute to his campaign!
Print/download a donation form. [PDF]


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