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Ron Paul smear campaign has begun.

Posted by Jesse on March 28, 2007

Youtube, search ronpaulexposed. On second note. Dont give the creator of the videos the time of day (or any hits!). If you’re curious to know what the deal is..I’ll give a few words.
Here I go wasting my time…
Five videos. #1 posted on March 23rd. #5 postedMarch 27th.
Lets start at the beginning. “What is the truth?” the video prompts.
This is how it begins. “Ron Paul has ties…” 911Truth is mentioned. A ‘conspiracy theory’ is then asserted that Congressman Paul is …

whatever. what a waste of breath.


2 Responses to “Ron Paul smear campaign has begun.”

  1. Mat said

    I found the flipper thing while searching for the video that included the NY/NH thing and the other video that had the other Who song as a backdrop for the sign making. It is inspirational.
    The Ron Paul exposed people (person?) are fundemantally flawed. Yes, he introduced legislation for term limits but it never became Statutory.
    I really want to find the inspirational video with the sign making AND the NY/NH thing with two songs by The Who as background music.
    Send any info to
    Only statist pieces of filth oppose Ron Paul. Let the Re-love-ution begin!!!! Please, let us work harder to get the word out before Our Republic suffers peril!!!

  2. Jesse said

    For anyone expecting a more informed blog entry I apologize. It really was a waste of breath. But I was right about the smear campaing. There isn’t much of one to mention. Most of it is willful ignorance or disagreement over specific issues. As well as Party Bias. But that’s a given.

    He is the only candidate who is really questioning the role of government itself. Consequently the positive influence of asking people to think creatively and independently to tackle the issues that plague the nation. As opposed to assuming that government has the answer.

    He really is a defender of individual rights and the US Constitution. A defender because “Liberty requires eternal vigilance.

    So you see, the smear campaign is entirely predictable because we all know whos got the money, power, and guns. And no, it’s not Joe shmoe. But it should be.

    Who was it that was just interviewed by Katie Couric on NBC nightly news? Haas? Hmm….

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