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Ron Paul smear campaign has begun.

Posted by Jesse on March 28, 2007

Youtube, search ronpaulexposed. On second note. Dont give the creator of the videos the time of day (or any hits!). If you’re curious to know what the deal is..I’ll give a few words.
Here I go wasting my time…
Five videos. #1 posted on March 23rd. #5 postedMarch 27th.
Lets start at the beginning. “What is the truth?” the video prompts.
This is how it begins. “Ron Paul has ties…” 911Truth is mentioned. A ‘conspiracy theory’ is then asserted that Congressman Paul is …

whatever. what a waste of breath.

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Posted by Jesse on March 28, 2007




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What’s the difference between libertarianism and objectivism.

Posted by Jesse on March 23, 2007

I discovered this site after listening to‘s podcast. They were having a slightly heated discussion concerning objectivism and libertarianism. It was quite amusing.

This is the essay I was first linked to (by i think) when reading up on the subject they were discussing.

I am not sure if this would have been very effective towards finding some more understanding towards freetalklive’s discussion..but..

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Rights, furthermore…

Posted by Jesse on March 16, 2007

Touchy subject.
An interesting piece b Murray N Rothbard.


Icon description in comment below.

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Fascism. And some concerns of the past.

Posted by Jesse on March 16, 2007

Government-Lovers and Fascism by LK Samuels

Northern California Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party
Vice Chair of the Monterey County LP

I was born in Monterey!
Just kinda cool. To me. 🙂

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