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Restoring Civil Liberties

Posted by Jesse on November 30, 2007

American Freedom Agenda Campaign– Support this organizations Freedom Pledge.
American Freedom Campaign– Sign the Freedom Pledge!

Dr Ron Paul again proves himself a leader by supporting this legislation he speaks of on the floor of the House. “Drawn up by conservatives, supported by progressives.”

Before the U.S. House of Representatives on October 15, 2007

Mr. Speaker, today I am introducing a comprehensive piece of legislation to restore the American Constitution and to restore the liberties that have been sadly eroded over the past several years.

This legislation seeks to restore the checks and balances enshrined in the Constitution by our Founding Fathers to prevent abuse of Americans by their government. This proposed legislation would repeal the Military Commissions Act of 2006 and re-establish the traditional practice that military commissions may be used to try war crimes in places of active hostility where a rapid trial is necessary to preserve evidence or prevent chaos.

The legislation clarifies that no information shall be admitted as evidence if it is obtained from the defendant through the use of torture or coercion. It codifies the FISA process as the means by which foreign intelligence may be obtained and it gives members of the Senate and the House of Representatives standing in court to challenge presidential signing statements that declare the president’s intent to disregard certain aspects of a law passed in the US Congress. It prohibits kidnapping and extraordinary rendition of prisoners to foreign countries on the president’s unilateral determination that the suspect is an enemy combatant. It defends the first amendment by clarifying that journalists are not to be prevented from publishing information received from the legislative or executive branch unless such publication would cause immediate, direct, and irreparable harm to the United States.

Finally, the legislation would prohibit the use of secret evidence to designate an individual or organization with a United States presence to be a foreign terrorist or foreign terrorist organization.

I invite my colleagues to join my efforts to restore the US Constitution by enacting the American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007.

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Just Say No to Fiat

Posted by Jesse on November 30, 2007

Lew Rockwell writes:
“But shouldn’t we do something to address the credit crunch? Yes, and that is the following: let it happen. After all, a credit crunch is not an act of nature. It is a response to an economic expansion that is not justified by fundamentals. How do these occur? It is not part of the structural dynamic of the market economy that an economy suddenly embarks on irrational exuberance for no good reason. Misdirected investment in some projects at the expense of others is brought about by credit expansion beyond which it is justified.”

The idea of freedom is fought for, sought for, and denied. Consistently.
It’s a scary thought. As Dr Paul stated at this private function, people agree with the philosohy of liberty. Generally people abide by and live by the idea, but everyone has an opposing view. They say: “I think people should be free, except for here, or here…” Eventually you have so many laws that society ends up in a stranglehold. Freedom really is a matter of faith. What do you believe?

The confusion lies in the limits of government. Should one be able to vote on an issue that doesn’t affect them? One hears the concern over a bureaucrat making decisions from an office that is so remote from the situation. The principle should remain the same for the citizen. Localize the issues. Don’t subsidize them.

Mr Rockwell concludes:
“Here’s what I would like to see: the whole of Wall Street rising up against the Fed and demanding that it turn off the spigots and let the economy get back on an even keel. Let the correction happen and let profits and wages fall in the overblown sectors. Then we could even disgorge the Fed of its powers and establish a free-market monetary system.

But of course in doing this, the corporate class would have to forego its short-term interests in favor of the long-term interests of everyone. And yet, that’s what good economic thinking is all about.”

Right on dude.LoL

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A Class about America’s Supreme Law

Posted by Jesse on November 30, 2007

Check out some excerpts from his Constitution Class.

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Reaching out to my local community radio station

Posted by Jesse on November 30, 2007

Great station. They have a live stream. [Warning]: Strong liberal/green tendencies.
The archives contains two shows designed to b a call-in for listeners. The Soap Box and Weekend Voices. Soap Box is a classic for the station but the Weekend Voices show is a new edition. Only being an hour it is tough to actually have a dialogue between listeners. By the end of the show it is just starting to get good. But at least you get a couple minutes on-air! Of course most call-in to voice an event or show concern over a local, state, or federal issue.

I have called in several times to show my support for Dr Ron Paul and look forward to do so again. Sooner rather than Later!! There have been several other callers to give their two cents on the man too! Both friend and foe alike. My mother has called. My brother too. He read a nice Rothbard piece at the end of, i think, this show .

Weekend voices is on 3-4pm Saturdays.
Soap Box is Friday morning 10-11.

Maybe you will find something you want to chime in about too!

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Ron Paul will win.

Posted by Jesse on November 7, 2007

Rasing to win $12 milion by the end of the 4th quarter in December. provided a needed push towads that goal. Helping to raise over 4 million in a 24 hour period. This quarter alone sees Dr Paul near $8 million. To the best of my knowledge, all of that money is still in the bank. And counting.
It will be interesting to see how the money is spent. Keep in mind that this is ‘official’ cash that will be spent by the campaign. What’s obvious and most intriguing, of course, is the amount of money and time spent by the grassroots campaign. It would be remarkable to actually put a dollar figure on this ‘unofficial’ account. There is no doubt that this ‘unofficial’ but highly effective, diverse, and decentralized group is the ultimate reason Mr Paul will win. Indeed, the only reason a man with such a position could win. This is how revolutions are remembered. Of, by, and for the People.

Trevor Lyman, the creator of has spoken of another fund raising online. This time in commemoration of The Bill of Rights Day and the Boston Tea Party. He, like myself, has never given money to a politican. I will give money on those days just as I did on Nov 5th.

With the Republican Primary turnout of ’04 being the lowest in primary history at 6.6%, I predict the ’08 Primary will have the highest in history.

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