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Ron Paul will win.

Posted by Jesse on November 7, 2007

Rasing to win $12 milion by the end of the 4th quarter in December. provided a needed push towads that goal. Helping to raise over 4 million in a 24 hour period. This quarter alone sees Dr Paul near $8 million. To the best of my knowledge, all of that money is still in the bank. And counting.
It will be interesting to see how the money is spent. Keep in mind that this is ‘official’ cash that will be spent by the campaign. What’s obvious and most intriguing, of course, is the amount of money and time spent by the grassroots campaign. It would be remarkable to actually put a dollar figure on this ‘unofficial’ account. There is no doubt that this ‘unofficial’ but highly effective, diverse, and decentralized group is the ultimate reason Mr Paul will win. Indeed, the only reason a man with such a position could win. This is how revolutions are remembered. Of, by, and for the People.

Trevor Lyman, the creator of has spoken of another fund raising online. This time in commemoration of The Bill of Rights Day and the Boston Tea Party. He, like myself, has never given money to a politican. I will give money on those days just as I did on Nov 5th.

With the Republican Primary turnout of ’04 being the lowest in primary history at 6.6%, I predict the ’08 Primary will have the highest in history.


One Response to “Ron Paul will win.”

  1. scsoxfan said

    Is amazing that they raised that much for Ron Paul. Maybe he has a shot.

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