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Reaching out to my local community radio station

Posted by Jesse on November 30, 2007

Great station. They have a live stream. [Warning]: Strong liberal/green tendencies.
The archives contains two shows designed to b a call-in for listeners. The Soap Box and Weekend Voices. Soap Box is a classic for the station but the Weekend Voices show is a new edition. Only being an hour it is tough to actually have a dialogue between listeners. By the end of the show it is just starting to get good. But at least you get a couple minutes on-air! Of course most call-in to voice an event or show concern over a local, state, or federal issue.

I have called in several times to show my support for Dr Ron Paul and look forward to do so again. Sooner rather than Later!! There have been several other callers to give their two cents on the man too! Both friend and foe alike. My mother has called. My brother too. He read a nice Rothbard piece at the end of, i think, this show .

Weekend voices is on 3-4pm Saturdays.
Soap Box is Friday morning 10-11.

Maybe you will find something you want to chime in about too!


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