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response to kellyb on

Posted by Jesse on December 26, 2007

kellyb. you think the troops would be unemployed? why can’t they work? seems to me that if they are so well trained, disciplined, and physically fit, they would be very productive. and besides, what does the income tax have to do with bases around the world? they are only in the same sentence because spending is a huge issue. everyone gets the fact that a lot of money is being spent and people are getting either no service or cheap service for all that money. such are the nature of bureaucracies. the people are pretty divided over very large issues. this is not good. we have to find the heart of the problem. treat the disease not the symptoms. paul mentions randolph bourne and his “war is the health of the state” quote. bourne was against going into world war 1. yes that’s right, even back then there were non interventionists. those crazy people! imagine that. much of the population in america have been born into a world where we think its normal that the governments should intervene in other countries. but what have we gotten for it beyond more war? the league of nations said after ww1, we will see to it that this never happens again!” is it a surprise they were wrong? and why were they wrong? those that are championing more war and more government today claim it is because the people fail to disobey, or the ideas weren’t quite right, or the wrong people were in power. but we, the democrats and our bipartisan republicans know better than this administration and will take the reigns. we will make it better…. then they will leave office, get their pensions and those who fight and die in the middle pay the price, and the government will fund it all with the money they steal from our pocketbooks and the money they print out of thin air (which we pay for too, you know, they call it monetized debt). as Paul correctly points out it is the most sinister tax. Qui bono? Bankers. Andrew Jackson, founder of the democratic party. His gravestone says: “I killed the banks.” you have to keep in mind that now that all the land has been “discovered” we have a new term for government intervening around the world and trampling other nations. it’s called “neocolonialism”. just because all the world has been “discovered” doesn’t seem to deter those who are seeking to run the world. they will just find other ways of siezing or redistributing wealth for their own benefit. it’s the same old story. “nothing new under the sun right”?

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Awesome interview on Meet the Press

Posted by Jesse on December 25, 2007

Part One
Part two
Part three
Part four

Tim Russert doesn’t seem to be too thrilled let alone very accomodating or pressing for that matter. Not quite himself today. Maybe he doesn’t feel well? Or maybe he can’t respond well to Paul’s great responses.

I wish there could have been these interviews a month or two ago!!
Geez, talk about last minute. Primaries start first week of Jan!
Just goes to show, money talks. The $18 million in the 4th Quarter bank gets attention. Plus Paul’s steady rise in the polls of likely republican voters in contrast to the fluctuations in poll numbers of the other candidates. Paul’s campaign is primarily built upon by the support of the average joe. Most of the other candidates are predetermined and promoted by status quo, name recognition, and who they know in the nasty business of politics. Paul brings the real debate to the table with intelligence, integrity, and something that his rarely seen in politics, honesty. He’s a stateman, not a politician.

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Ron Paul’s 10% Surge in Iowa, Likely Republican Caucus Goers

Posted by Jesse on December 25, 2007

American Research Group

Iowa Likely Republican Caucus Goers Nov 10-14 Nov 26-29 Dec 16-19 Dec 20-23   Giuliani 11% 9% 13% 14% Huckabee 24% 27% 28% 23% Hunter 1% – – 2% Keyes – – 1% 2% McCain 10% 9% 20% 17% Paul 3% 3% 4% 10% Romney 26% 28% 17% 21% Tancredo 1% 1% 1% ni Thompson 11% 14% 5% 3% Undecided 13% 9% 11% 8%


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An Open Letter to the AntiWar Left

Posted by Jesse on December 11, 2007

Yes, Antiwar Movement, There Is a Santa ClausYou may not like the gift wrapping but the contents are what you wrote on your wish list: End the War, Bring the Troops Home Now, No War For Oil, or for Israel, Do Not Attack Iran, Restore The Constitution and The Rule of Law, No to The Patriot, Homeland Security, Military Commissions Acts and No to The Homegrown Terrorism Act, No To Torture, Rendition and Illegal Military Prisons and there’s even some extras that most of us wouldn’t mind seeing like putting an end to the Illegal Federal Reserve and doing away with the illegal personal income tax on wages.That all of these goodies happen to be the essence of Congressman Ron Paul’s, Republican Presidential candidate from Texas, campaign platform is surely a shock to any leftist’s/progressive’s system.Ah be careful what you wish for, you just might get it…The only question is will you accept this gift? Perhaps the wrapping paper isn’t right, perhaps there are some extra things in the box that don’t fit your political criteria but hey, it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?Even Dennis Kucinich seems to think so, there is so much buzz in cyberspace about the possibility of a Dennis Kucinich/Ron Paul ticket, it is stunning. Dennis has even raised the prospect himself as has his wife Elisabeth. Who ever thought we’d see the day?!There is a larger point to be made here and perhaps the most important one and that is there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the wants, needs and desires of the anti-war traditional conservatives and the anti-war leftists and progressives. We just all need to get over ourselves.If Dennis Kucinich would consider Ron Paul as a running mate isn’t it time for the anti-war movement to dig a little deeper to see what is going on here?… (I have always supported Dennis Kucinich, whenever possible but after the 2004 Convention and his failure to stand up at the Convention against the war and support the peace activists who were hauled off the convention floor, with their anti-war signs, and given his inability to run a strong campaign, I can no longer back him. I do respect his positions on many issues.) A few activists like myself have crossed over to support Ron Paul but far too many others have not. Far too many from the left, far too many progressives and liberals and far too many anti-war activists have not.We have so much in common but many on the left ridicule Ron Paul and his supporters. They are so stuck in their positions, they do not see the monumental things we have in common. For many on the left it is Ron Paul’s stance on abortion, or his stance on health care and the list goes on…But as we face another election year and perhaps the most critical and important election year, I ask what cause can be more important than the cause of PEACE? Without it, we have no chance at all. For years, since the Bush regime stole power, we have all been looking for a Peace Candidate and now we have one.The democrats have been co-opted and fail us at every turn. The third party has been decimated, largely due to the democrats in 2004 and their fear mongering tactic of “vote democrat or else.” And here we are again, facing another Presidential election at the most critical time of our country’s history and indeed the world and what have we to choose from? The same damn pot that calls the kettle black and they all want the same thing, they all have the same agenda and we are left with voting for the lesser of evils or not voting at all. Is anyone really going to fall for this routine again?… But what if all of the disenfranchised people got together, pulled their forces, their energy and supported a true candidate for Peace? Would Peace not then be possible?Are we to forever be held back by issues, such as abortion or even National Health Care, an issue that never gets delivered in the first place (we are no closer now than we were way back when)? These issues are by design. Abortion keeps us divided. National Health care lends us false hope. This is no ordinary election year. This is our last real chance to try and get our country back on track and to prevent a third world war. Will any of us risk losing this chance over our own personal issues versus the common purpose and the Universal good? We need to start somewhere and Ron Paul is a good place to start.For me, supporting and voting for Ron Paul is the most “radical” thing I have ever done in my political life. It is something I do with comfort and good conscience. I support peace and I can only vote for a candidate who wants to stop this war and prevent a larger war from happening. Ron Paul has a tremendous groundswell of grassroots support, people from all walks of life, people from all over our country, giving of their time, their money, their hearts and their energy to support this man. I have never seen nor experienced anything like this in my life!I encourage leftists, progressives and the anti-war movement to check Ron Paul out for yourselves, Google him, watch his YouTube videos, listen to what he has to say and how he says it. Ron Paul is the Peace candidate we’ve all been looking for. He answers to the people, not corporate or political lobbies.Perhaps the Ron Paul Revolution is best defined in his own words: He is honored to be a part of our revolution. I appeal to all of you to consider this. To think about it, process it, digest it, meditate on it, do whatever but above all find the higher meaning. 

December 11, 2007Donna Volatile [send her mail] is a radical, screenwriter, researcher and political writer living in the mountain of northern New Mexico.

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Ron Paul on the NIE and the Neocon Administration

Posted by Jesse on December 11, 2007

Bombed If You Do, Bombed If You Don’t
Dec 11, 2007

The latest National Intelligence Estimate has been greeted by a mixture of relief and alarm. As I have been saying all along, Iran indeed poses no quantifiable imminent nuclear threat to us or her neighbors. It is with much alarm, however, that we see the administration continue to ratchet up the war rhetoric as if nothing has changed.

Indeed nothing has changed from the administration’s perspective, as they have had this latest intelligence report for some time. Only this week has it been made known to the public. They want it both ways with Iran. On the one hand, they discredit the report entirely, despite it being one of the most comprehensive intelligence reports on the subject, with over 1,000 source notes in the document. On the other hand, when discrediting it fails, they claim that the timing of the abandonment of the weapons program, just as we were invading Iraq, means our pressure must have worked, so we must keep it up with a new round of even tougher sanctions. Russia and China are not buying this, apparently, and again we are finding ourselves on a lonely tenuous platform on the world stage.

The truth is, Iran is being asked to do the logically impossible feat of proving a negative. They are being presumed guilty until proven innocent because there is no evidence with which to indict them. There is still no evidence that Iran, a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, has ever violated the treaty’s terms – and the terms clearly state that Iran is allowed to pursue nuclear energy for peaceful, civilian energy needs. The United States cannot unilaterally change the terms of the treaty, and it is unfair and unwise diplomatically to impose sanctions for no legitimate reason.

Are we to think that Iran hasn’t noticed the duplicitous treatment being received by so-called nuclear threats around the globe? If they have been paying attention, and I think they have, they would see that if countries do have a nuclear weapon, they tend to be left alone, or possibly get a subsidy, but if they do not gain such a weapon then we threaten them. Why wouldn’t they want to pursue a nuclear weapon if that is our current foreign policy? The fact remains, there is no evidence they actually have one, or could have one any time soon, even if they immediately resumed a weapons program.

Our badly misguided foreign policy has already driven this country’s economy to the brink of bankruptcy with one war based on misinformation. It is unthinkable that despite lack of any evidence of a threat, some are still charging headstrong into yet another war in the Middle East when what we ought to be doing is coming home from Iraq, coming home from Korea, coming home from Germany and defending our own soil. We do not need to be interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and waging war when honest trade, friendship, and diplomacy are the true paths to peace and prosperity.

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