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What a disgrace. CNN seen for what it is…

Posted by Jesse on December 3, 2007

A bias, unobjective, and misleading propaganda TOOL.

Disgusting Media Spins the Debate
“The good Doctor alone has been excluded from answering a question on illegal immigration. If you believe the “debates” are on the up and up, this is especially puzzling. Dr. Paul is a border state congressman with a highly informed opinion; in fact he is stridently against illegal immigration, and is the only candidate from either party suggesting that birth-right citizenship be ended (Sorry Tancredo fans). Talk about missing a golden opportunity to liven up the debate. This however, reveals the true purpose of the “debates” as a free ad forum for the anointed candidates. Understood in this light, things make more sense.”

The Immigration Question
Rethinking Birthright Citizenship by Ron Paul

Frustrates me so much to watch the way Paul is ignored immediately following his surge in the media. Raises a bunch of money, gets airtime in the mainsteam, and then slapped in the face in the first primary “debate” with 4million viewers.

there is no desire to attempt to educate or come to a consensus on any of the issues. it is solely designed to be entertaining, focus and promote the bickering, etc.

What a sham.

Click to see a great breakdown of the time allotted each candidate


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