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An Open Letter on Behalf of Ron Paul Archive.

Posted by Jesse on December 5, 2007

Why Ron Paul Is Right About Terrorism: A Letter to the GOP Base
by David T. Beito and Scott Horton
“Nothing could excuse the acts of September 11th. A Congressman identifying the motives at play is not justifying the attacks any more than when a local DA tries to figure out why someone has committed any other crime. If we believe that the terrorists are motivated to attack us because we have freedom, or have yet to invade their countries and give them freedom, then our policy prescriptions for multiple regime changes across the Middle East can only make matters worse. With opinion of the United States falling all across the world, and especially in the Muslim world, the continued presence of U.S. combat troops on Arab soil makes attacks against this country much more likely, not less. Paul voted to give the president the authority to use military force against bin Laden’s group in Afghanistan and has repeatedly stated that were he president, actually doing so would be a top priority.

Not only did Paul foresee the problem with terrorism stemming from our continuous bombing campaign in the 1990s, he also predicted the consequences in Iraq were Saddam and the Ba’athists to fall…..

……It is a mistake to think of Ron Paul’s foreign policy as some sort of liberal exception to the rest of his conservative outlook. Instead, his views follow the tradition of the Old Right Taft Republicans. They opposed foreign interventionism for the same reason America’s founders did – out of caution for the inevitable domestic detriments that accompany permanent military establishments. It has only been since the Vietnam War era that the antiwar position has been perceived as the province of hippies and leftists. Paul’s prescriptions for dealing with the world are the most conservative in the race. Meanwhile, the current National Security Strategy – unlikely to change substantively under Giuliani, Romney or Hillary administrations – is itself a radical doctrine, called “Hard Wilsonianism” by its closest adherents. Paul’s policy is to pull back the empire in order to preserve the republic and the Constitution from the radical changes brought about by avoidable conflict. These are conservative principles of independence and prudence, friendly relations and open trade.”

An Open Letter to American Muslims on Behalf of Ron Paul
by Hussein Ali.
“Our freedoms imply that we have the right to freely associate and worship, without fear. Ever since the Patriot Act was passed, Muslims have invariably felt they were being targeted. Whether they are or not, the message of the Patriot Act has certainly undermined the way many innocent Muslims practice their religion. First generation American Muslims have come here in peace, and their children were born and now live here in peace. Our crime rates bear this out; they are among the lowest on a per capita basis of all ethnic groups. First, second, and now third-generation American Muslims call this their home, and their land – the land, let me remind you, of the free. This Patriot Act takes away from American Muslims freedom in the fullest sense of the word (one where individuals do not trample on the rights of others).

Dr. Paul has voted “no” on the Patriot Act and wiretapping of Americans. Dr. Paul wants government out of our businesses, out of our homes, out of our wallets, out of our bedrooms and out of our places of worship. Other than Dr. Paul and Congressman Dennis Kucinich, no other candidate has voted or even come out against the Patriot Act. He describes himself as the defender of our birthright liberties and freedoms as reaffirmed in the US Constitution.”

An Open Letter to the Jewish Community in Behalf of Ron Paul
by Walter Block
“Ron Paul favors the elimination of foreign aid to Israel. Many Jews, even those who favor free enterprise, individual rights and peace, thus oppose the most libertarian candidate ever to run for the Republican nomination for president. This enmity goes so far as to account for his being barred from the Republican Jewish Coalition’s candidates’ forum. This is no doubt that this action was taken out of fear that if Congressman Paul’s policies are put into effect, they will be harmful to Israel.

At first blush, this seems reasonable enough. The U.S. gives lots of money to the Israeli government for use by its military, and if this were totally eliminated, it is not unwarranted to think that this country would thereby be weakened.

However, I contend that there are several good and sufficient reasons to doubt this popular belief.”

An Open Letter to the Jewish Community in Behalf of Ron Paul, Part II

“On November 3, 2007, I published An Open Letter to the Jewish Community in Behalf of Ron Paul. Among the many letters I received in response to this essay was one from a former student of mine with whom I am still on very good, close personal terms. He is an orthodox Jew and a highly intelligent professional man, who has lived in Israel for a number of years now.

In what follows is a correspondence between the two of us, in response to my Open Letter. I will identify his words by FS, for former student, and my own by WB.”

An Open Letter to the Protestant Community in Behalf of Ron Paul
by Lawrence M. Vance
“Representative Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution – even if it means courageously casting the lone “no” vote. He has consistently voted to lower or abolish federal taxes, spending, and regulation. He has actively promoted the return of government to its proper constitutional levels. He is recognized as the leading spokesman in Washington for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies based on commodity-backed currency. He has also received many awards and honors during his career in Congress from organizations such as the National Taxpayers Union, Citizens Against Government Waste, Council for a Competitive Economy, and Young Americans for Freedom.

It is because Ron Paul adheres to the Constitution that he opposes the Patriot Act, domestic surveillance programs, warrantless searches, restrictions on freedom of speech, national ID cards, federal information databases, and what he calls the Homeland Security monstrosity. His congressional website lists “The Ron Paul Freedom Principles”:

Rights belong to individuals, not groups.
Property should be owned by people, not government.
All voluntary associations should be permissible – economic and social.
The government’s monetary role is to maintain the integrity of the monetary unit, not participate in fraud.
Government exists to protect liberty, not to redistribute wealth or to grant special privileges.
The lives and actions of people are their own responsibility, not the government’s.”

An Open Letter to the Catholic Community in Behalf of Ron Paul
by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
“Never in my life have I felt as strongly about a presidential candidate – or about any politician, for that matter – as I do about Dr. Ron Paul, Republican congressman from Texas. I’ve gone from being someone so disgusted with politics that I can’t bear to read about it to being a political junkie, avidly following the activities and successes of this great man.

As an American historian, I am not aware of any congressman in American history whose voting record is so stellar, and so consistently in accord with the Constitution.”

…”Speaking of John Paul II, it is important to remember that that pope was a strong opponent of the U.S. government’s attack on Iraq, sending his personal representative, Cardinal Pio Laghi, to Washington shortly before the commencement of hostilities in order to insist to the president that such a war would be unjust. The Pope’s first comments after the war broke out were these: “When war, as in these days in Iraq, threatens the fate of humanity, it is ever more urgent to proclaim, with a strong and decisive voice, that only peace is the road to follow to construct a more just and united society.”

Before his election as Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was asked if a U.S. government attack on Iraq would be just. “Certainly not,” came the reply. He predicted that “the damage would be greater than the values one wishes to save.”

An Open Letter to Orthodox Christians, on Behalf of Ron Paul
by Clark Carlton

First of all, reasonable people – and certainly the reason-endowed sheep of Christ’s flock – can disagree about political philosophies and the relative virtues and vices of particular candidates. I do not believe that there is one “Orthodox” answer to some of the questions that I will raise below. In other words, I will question neither the purity of your faith nor the sincerity of your commitment to Christ if you disagree with my thoughts.

Such circumspection is necessary because our Lord did not deliver to us any particular “political philosophy.” When the Pharisees tried to trap Him with a question about money He replied simply, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.” Later, the Pharisees accused Him of trying to put Himself in the place of Caesar. When Pilot asked Him about this He replied, “My Kingdom is not of this world.” St. Paul admonished Christians to obey those in civil authority – even though they were pagans – but later writers, living under intense persecution, were somewhat less enthusiastic about their allegiance to the Roman Empire.

Finally, in the fourth century the Roman Empire underwent a slow and sometimes painful process of Christianization. (Eusebius’ rose-colored version of events needs to be taken with a grain of salt.) This eventually gave rise the Byzantine theory of “symphony” between Church and state. There is no question that the conversion of the Empire had many benefits, chief among them the development of a genuinely Orthodox culture – with all of its artistic, literary, and architectural achievements – and greatly increased missionary expansion. At the same time, however, there was always a very real danger of identifying – confusing, really – the state with the Kingdom of God. Indeed, the actual history of Roman Orthodox symphonia is a decidedly mixed bag. Our calendar is full of saints who suffered exile and even torture at the hands of the “most pious Christian Emperors” (Athanasius, Chrysostom, and Maximus to name but three). The point is that Orthodox Christians throughout history have lived all over the world under quite diverse political circumstances. While Byzantine symphonia holds an honored place within the history of the Church, one cannot claim with any theological seriousness that this is the only Orthodox political philosophy.”

Open Letter to Mormons Regarding Ron Paul
by Robert Higgins
“To my fellow Latter-day Saint brothers and sisters, this letter is a pleading with each of you to consider supporting Congressman Ron Paul in his candidacy for President of these united States of America.

Congressman Paul is THE only candidate, from either of the two major political parties, that has shown he understands the proper role of government and that he understands and adheres to the principles written in our Constitution.

All the other Republican and Democratic candidates reveal themselves as lusting for power, to be in various stages of corruption, using weasel words with coached speeches and phrases intended to deceive a dumbed-down American public. This deception is facilitated by a mainstream press that has become dominated by a corporate establishment that has a globalist agenda. This agenda requires reduced national sovereignty. All these other candidates approve of this agenda.”

Open Letter to the Arab-American Community in Behalf of Ron Paul
by George Ajjan
Likening his platform to that of then-Governor George W. Bush when it comes to a non-interventionist foreign policy should also attract Arab-Americans, as Bush did very well among that demographic in the 2000 presidential election. Additionally, the explicit blame Ron Paul places on the neoconservatives will win him many fans – as members of the community are well aware of the role that small cadre played in setting this whole Iraq debacle in motion.

“Just think, our current President, in the year 2000, ran on a program of no nation building, a humble foreign policy, diplomacy and talking to people. And yet what has happened? Exactly the opposite. And now we’re engaged because of the advice of the neoconservatives who have hijacked our foreign policy – that we as Americans are expected that we are so good and so wonderful and so perfect that we have the responsibility of forcing our way on other people, even if it takes killing them to make them live like we do. I think that’s an INSANE foreign policy.”

An Open Letter to Mike Gravel in Behalf of Ron Paul
by Max Raskin
“The way things have shaped up, the antiwar movement cannot be fractured at this critical juncture, and must stand behind the candidate who has the best chance of winning. As things have unfolded, this man is Ron Paul.

I am a senior in high school and this election will radically shape my future. Am I going to face a draft? A financial crisis? World War III (or IV)? This is a critical election, and people know it. The country has begun to rally around a single candidate to reverse the trend toward tyranny and militarism. Supporting Paul only strengthens this ever-growing revolution.

But I am not asking you to compromise your values. I understand you and the Congressman disagree on many issues, but at this time, it would be unwise to hold these positions above all else. The stances you hold in common with Paul are the critical issues of this election; they ought to take a great deal of precedence in your mind as they stand at the heart of what is wrong with our country. Let’s not focus on the leaky faucet while the house is on fire.”

An Open Letter To Libertarians on Ron Paul
by David Gordon
“Much to my surprise, at least one dissenter has portrayed Ron Paul as an advocate of war. He called for Congress to declare war rather than pass a resolution authorizing Bush to act in Iraq as he thought best. In doing so, Paul wished to recall Congress to its responsibilities under Article I of the Constitution. A declaration of war, as congressional supporters of the war were not slow to point out, is much more difficult to pass than an authorization resolution. This was precisely Ron Paul’s point; he did not of course favor war himself. When he introduced the war resolution in committee (and the late Henry Hyde told him such an idea was “anachronistic,” then had that remark removed from the record), he voted against it. Though the record of his speeches makes his position entirely clear, this dissenter has persisted in calling Paul a supporter of the war.

Because Ron Paul consistently opposes the Iraq war, his electoral campaign holds enormous promise. The Iraq war is vastly unpopular, yet the major establishment candidates propose either to continue, or at most slightly to modify, Bush’s foolish and reckless policies. In particular, many conservative Republicans oppose the war but would not vote for anyone they consider leftwing. Ron Paul holds great appeal to these many voters. Liberal Democrats who oppose the war will find Paul’s strong support for civil liberties attractive. Here, for once, libertarians have a chance to back a candidate with a good chance of winning.

Ron Paul’s stellar record is not confined to foreign policy. He proposes to get rid of the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service. He will abolish the Departments of Homeland Security and Education. He will restore the gold standard. Given this platform, as well as his transparent probity, how can any libertarian fail to support Ron Paul?”


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