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Huckabee’s “surge” is over.

Posted by Jesse on December 5, 2007

TaxHikeMike had his two seconds of fame though.
I’d like to see what Medved has to say about the latest news surrounding Huckabee.

McCain should see his numbers improve.

Romney doesn’t have a chance.

Giuliani, well…we all know what to expect fromt his man.
“One of Giuliani’s top foreign policy advisers, neoconservative Norm Podhoretz, is a vocal advocate for bombing Iran preemptively in order to prevent it from obtaining nuclear weapons. However, Podhoretz told the New Yorker, he has not asked Giuliani to take a stand on this topic for fear of damaging his candidacy.”

“Giuliani said he supports President Bush’s offense-as-a-defense stance and hopes the current strategy, raising troop levels to flush out insurgency, is successful. In answer to an audience question about the war, however, he did not say what he thinks about the ongoing Washington argument over disengagement. Instead, he said, the nation needs to focus attention on Iran, Syria and other hotbeds of Islamic radicalism.”

That really only leaves one man.

One Response to “Huckabee’s “surge” is over.”

  1. BigDon said

    A Short-Short Story –

    All US military personnel were permanently home from the Middle East and his troubled presidency was drawing to a close.

    On this evening of December 24, 2008, concluding his final televised speech to the American people, and as multi-megatons of mushroom clouds suddenly billowed over Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, a satisfied George Bush announced in those immortal words of Michael Corleone:

    “Today, I settle all ‘family’ business…”

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