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the State has no money of its own, so it has no power of its own. ` Nock

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Posted by Jesse on December 6, 2007

It’s Crunch Time
by James Ostrowski

“The last Jeffersonian president was Buffalo’s own Grover Cleveland who left office in 1897.”
“Now, the same naysayers who said Ron Paul would never get to this point expect us to believe them when they say he can’t go any further and that’s he’s just a spoiler. He’s only a spoiler in the sense that he is going to spoil the presidential pretensions of the ten remaining contenders.”
“There is no logical reason why Ron Paul can’t win the nomination and the White House. We have the messenger, the message, the troops, and the money. We have the most powerful communications technology ever invented on our side: the internet. Our adversaries are weak and disorganized and fighting each other. The time is right.
“Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages.” (George Washington)”

Ron Paul Leads in Polls of People Who Have Heard Him Speak
by Jennifer Haman
“Just as Ron Paul spoke of blowback in the context of military interference in foreign affairs, unless the mainstream media ends the Ron Paul blackout and misinformation drive, they will lose the next generation who is seeing it as a biased, manipulating, election-fixing force not to be trusted.”

Ron Paul’s Appeal to the Youth
by Anthony Gregory

“Ron Paul has managed to do what no libertarian organization or electoral candidate ever has: Energize the masses of young Americans, all throughout the nation’s college campuses, including its most leftist, and get them interested in the politics of freedom and peace.”

“Ron Paul is much like the stereotype that we have been told would not appeal to the youth. He is a devout Protestant in his early seventies, happily married for half a century, a medical doctor who puts more care into being genuine and persuasive than coming off as being with it. But this honest messenger has gotten more young people visibly excited about the message of liberty than any other single approach or campaign in the history of the movement, certainly in so short a time.
“The youth are excited about Ron Paul’s message, his principles, and especially his courageous dissent from the Washington foreign policy consensus. He speaks his mind, even if it offends the respectable gatekeepers on the official left and right. He discusses quaint peculiarities like habeas corpus and Just War Theory. He upholds a traditionalism that goes back further than Ronald Reagan or Bill Buckley, and indeed traces back to the natural law principles on which Western Civilization so precariously rests. Yet he also points out that the libertarian principle is in many ways a new idea – the notion of radical liberty for all has only been around a few hundred years, and has only been refined since. He is offering something very new: a traditional liberalism, but more equally and rigorously pursued for today’s world.
How is this radical and comprehensive libertarianism gaining so much ground among the youth? It is because the ideas were always great, but just needed the right messenger at the right time. Ron Paul has filled a void, though with his typical modesty he claims he is only lucky to be part of the revolution.”
It might perplex some people that Ron Paul has rekindled the youthful spirit in our movement, but it is also a wonderful sign that he was able to do it. It means that today’s young people are more interested in the timeless ideals of freedom than superficial questions of red states and blue states, political parties or culture-war talking points and trivialities. It means they are willing to challenge their parents on the question of whether, in fact, it is time to repeal the 20th century – all for the sake of the 21st.


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