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Democracy Now guest excludes Ron Paul.

Posted by Jesse on December 8, 2007

Johnathan Schell, author of “The Seventh Decade: The New Shape of Nuclear Danger”, was on Democracy Now today, Dec 7th, 2007.

I found very unfortunate that people make comments without knowing the facts or just leaving them out just so they can advance their own ideas.

He said no one on the Republican side supported Reagan’s nuclear abolitionism.

I will admit that I don’t know the extent to which Paul stands on nuclear issues. But I do know that he doesn’t think we should build more. And that we should not use a nuclear first-strike.
No other candidate, Republicans or Democrats, beyond Kucinich, have made that claim.

If she wishes to truly promote fair and balanced reporting, Amy Goodman should be aware that she missed a great opportunity at some objective journalism.

7 Responses to “Democracy Now guest excludes Ron Paul.”

  1. Cory said

    In the recent past, I was a huge supporter and advocate for democracynow and Amy Goodman. I initially saw, with a great degree of scepticism, Alex Jones’s sentiments that Amy Goodman was nothing more than a shill to represent the appearance of dissent. However, as support for Ron Paul has exponentially blossomed and the great awakening of the American populous has commenced I can no longer disagree with his assessment of Goodman, Chomsky, and pacifica. I do not think, any longer, that Amy Goodman truly represents that for which she claims to stand. Rather, I believe she speaks from a pre-ordained pedestal of marginal dissent living up to the notion that controlled dissent is but a tool to be used to manufacture complacency and consent.

  2. Mike in Seattle said

    I have been a Democracy Now fan, contributor & financial donor for years. I was considering buying the MacBook they have been asking for on her site. I have written email to 20 times in the last month asking her to spend just 15 minutes on Ron Paul. Amy won’t even mention his name. I am completely disillusioned. I have stopped listening, I have stopped sending DN links to friends, and I have stopped blogging in support of Juan and Amy.

    We’re ashamed of you, Amy Goodman. We naively thought you were different.

  3. bloonnar said

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  4. Jolie Oliviero said

    Amy Goodman is a BIG Phoney Liberal who supports both sides a media myth. If one is a true Journalist they would certainly include Ron Paul. She plays the pretend game to give an impression that she is outsider she is as corrupt as Cheney.The Same. Excluding Ron Paul is perfect proof. She represents the New World Order just as much as Bush.

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