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The Media’s Secret Weapon: Ron Paul

Posted by Jesse on December 8, 2007

Once people are forced to make a decision in the upcoming primaries and people voice their vote, the boat will start to rock. The positions that Ron Paul has earned the right to call his own will be shoved into the great wide open. It will be the only logical option left. With all the controversy surrounding the White House and the questionable actions of these career politicians with weighty agendas. People are looking for a leader. I’ve seen the Nightly News. People want someone with intelligence and integrity. Scandals surrounding the several top-tier candidates. The sheer pressure on a corrupt and utterly ineffective Congress. Which is of course because they are “on track” to solving all the issues, rather than doing their job which is to defend the people’s rights and represent them accordingly. (It’s amazing how control and ‘best interest’ are so often confused, or rather, seen as one and the same.)

But maybe old media has had its last moments as ‘the mainstream media.’

I will be laughing so hard when the MSM has to interrupt their normal broadcast to provide the American people with an address by their newly elected President Ron Paul. The underdog, The one they undermined and marginalized for all those months because his view was ‘radical’ and he ‘couldn’t win’, and he ‘didn’t represent the majority of the people’.

He actually reaches across the political divides in a much deeper way. Hillary’s got too much ‘right’ in her. Yeah, maybe in the upper echelons of the corporatocracy. But not on ground level. Not the average american. Giuliani is so mean. He can’t possibly win. Romney is all show. Huckabee doesn’t have the background. He has connections. Obama has connections to. But he’s a scheister. His rhetoric is so smooth, half of his following is from people who don’t actually know what his stance is on the issues. He just sounds good and wrote a book called the “Audacity of Hope’.

How come people who support Paul all know where he stands on the issues?


Sorry if I offend anyone by singling out certain candidates. I’m ranting. It’s just so frustrating when you see all Ron Paul’s support and the oney he raises and they just ignore him. It just proves to those who support him who is calling the shots. It’s not the people. It reminds me of the classic view of what high school was like for some people. The elite populars who got all of the attention. But then when everyone grows up, so ‘n so, who you may not even rememeber taking note of in school turns out to be dedicated, successful, and genuine. It’s classic. Just like Frank Capra’s 1939 film.

Just like Paul. The American Underdog.

Update: I just searched american underdog. Guess I wasn’t the first one to think of it.


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