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Here’s some polls that show the division between issues and party

Posted by Jesse on December 11, 2007

Republican issues.Free Trade issuesBased on Likely Republican Voters.  (new Hampshire)

So it looks like Paul has a good showing. Everyone is aware of the fact that he is critical of so-called “free trade agreements.” These polls indicate both parties see them as a ‘bad thing.’

People obviously want to talk about the Iraq issue. He’s been outspoken and very prophetic about it.
And Iran? Take a look for yourself.
He’s an economist so that plays well into his understanding of the dillema America finds itself in. Which is, how are we going to pay for all the things we want?!
And he has a very strong stance on Immigration. That’s a given for the GOP.
Healthcare is huge and an economic issue, plus he’s a physician. Hard sell to the Dems, but when they match up his opposition to Big Pharma and government protection, and his appeal towards freedom of choice according to health treatment (i.e. alternative healthcare), how hard could it be?

As for experience. Ten terms. Knows the Consitution and votes accordingly.
Intelligence. He’s been telling congress what the CIA knows about Iraq and Iran. Do they listen?
He’s been trying to get through to Bernanke/Greenspan about bad monetary policy. Do they listen?
Honesty? Geez. Do you really have to ask? Some people are voting for him based on just that fact!

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