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the State has no money of its own, so it has no power of its own. ` Nock

response to kellyb on

Posted by Jesse on December 26, 2007

kellyb. you think the troops would be unemployed? why can’t they work? seems to me that if they are so well trained, disciplined, and physically fit, they would be very productive. and besides, what does the income tax have to do with bases around the world? they are only in the same sentence because spending is a huge issue. everyone gets the fact that a lot of money is being spent and people are getting either no service or cheap service for all that money. such are the nature of bureaucracies. the people are pretty divided over very large issues. this is not good. we have to find the heart of the problem. treat the disease not the symptoms. paul mentions randolph bourne and his “war is the health of the state” quote. bourne was against going into world war 1. yes that’s right, even back then there were non interventionists. those crazy people! imagine that. much of the population in america have been born into a world where we think its normal that the governments should intervene in other countries. but what have we gotten for it beyond more war? the league of nations said after ww1, we will see to it that this never happens again!” is it a surprise they were wrong? and why were they wrong? those that are championing more war and more government today claim it is because the people fail to disobey, or the ideas weren’t quite right, or the wrong people were in power. but we, the democrats and our bipartisan republicans know better than this administration and will take the reigns. we will make it better…. then they will leave office, get their pensions and those who fight and die in the middle pay the price, and the government will fund it all with the money they steal from our pocketbooks and the money they print out of thin air (which we pay for too, you know, they call it monetized debt). as Paul correctly points out it is the most sinister tax. Qui bono? Bankers. Andrew Jackson, founder of the democratic party. His gravestone says: “I killed the banks.” you have to keep in mind that now that all the land has been “discovered” we have a new term for government intervening around the world and trampling other nations. it’s called “neocolonialism”. just because all the world has been “discovered” doesn’t seem to deter those who are seeking to run the world. they will just find other ways of siezing or redistributing wealth for their own benefit. it’s the same old story. “nothing new under the sun right”?

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