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Andrew Malcolm

Posted by Jesse on January 12, 2008

Andrew Malcolm over at the LA Times blog could use a little help.

He’s focusing on the stark contrast between Ron Paul and his Republican peers onstage at the Fox Debate on Jan 10th.

We find the reason for the article about two thirds the way in. Malcolm claims:
“At one point it did seem Paul lost his way.”
(This is in response to Paul’s claims that the Republican Party has lost its way.)

[In reference to the recent and unconfortable naval incident in the Gulf of Hormuz]
Paul says: “I would certainly urge a lot more caution than I’m hearing here tonight. It reminds me of what happened in the Gulf of Tonkin. We went to war there, then, later on, found out there was a lot of false information…. We have five small speedboats attacking the U.S. Navy with a destroyer? They could take care of those speedboats in about five seconds. And here we’re ready to start World War III over this?

Malcolm ends the article with these last few lines:

A puzzled Brit Hume noted that, in fact, the other candidates had also applauded the destroyer captain’s cautious response. “I just wonder what you’re reacting to?” the moderator asked the congressman.

“Well,” replied Paul, “I didn’t hear that.”

This is how Malcolm ends the article!!!
I guess it’s supposed to be glaringly obvious that Paul’s concern is not to be held in high regard because his colleagues already addressed the issue and claim to be in favor of a passive response.
So what’s your beef Paul?!

Let’s add to Malcolm’s article here.

So…what’s Paul’s beef?!
As the congressman so humbly pointed out, some of his peers weren’t exactly passive. Compare what Paul’s response was to those of the other candidates.

[pages 10-13]

HUCKABEE: I’m going to trust that the president, with the information that he had and that those commanders had, made the right decision. I think we need to make it very clear, not just to the Iranians, but to anybody, that if you think you’re going to engage the United States military, be prepared not simply to have a battle. Be prepared, first, to put your sights on the American vessel. And then be prepared that the next things you see will be the gates of Hell, because that is exactly what you will see after that.

THOMPSON: Yes, I think so. I think I agree with the governor on that. You can’t take the judgment like that out of the hands of the officers on the ground there. I think one more step and they would have been introduced to those virgins that they’re looking forward to seeing.

GIULIANI:I think an incident like this reminds us that we shouldn’t be lulled into some false sense of confidence about Iran. We have to be very focused on the fact that Iran should not be allowed to become a nuclear power. We should make it very, very clear that we’re not going to allow that, and we should go to every country that we can think of to impose serious sanctions on Iran.

There are also indications that there are economic problems within Iran itself, domestic difficulties in Iran. We’ve seen some conflict between some of the leaders there. Maybe by using this incident and the fact that Iran certainly shouldn’t be seen as benign, as some people saw it when they tried to spin the NIE, as suggesting that maybe we were being too serious about Iran. It would seem to me that this incident should wake a lot of people up.

MCCAIN: But don’t think that this wasn’t a serious situation of the utmost seriousness in one of the most important waterways in the world, because of so much of the world’s oil goes through there.

The Iranians better understand that the United States will stick to its many years-long tradition of preserving the fundamental principle of freedom of the seas.

ROMNEY: I think Congressman Paul should not be reading as many of Ahmadinejad’s press releases. But let’s…


I think Iran represents a very serious threat. I do not believe this action was taken by rogue elements within the Iranian forces. I believe it was calculated.


Now I ask you.
Who seems much more concerned?

Be sure to read what Mr Raimondo has going on over at and watch the two contrasting videos.


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