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the State has no money of its own, so it has no power of its own. ` Nock

DC Indymedia needs some education.

Posted by Jesse on January 12, 2008

[Beware!! Rant !! Rant!!]
So does Chomsky. But hey, everyone has a different opinion, right? I guess one should ask what the price of that opinion is. Everyone is aware that free speech may just be one of an opinion, but say it to the wrong person at the wrong time and it could cost you your life. Not exactly free anymore is it? Life is great and dandy, but it’s also serious business..unfortunately. So, education is the key.  Naturally. Try living where I live (Maine) without shelter, a wood stove, or oil heat. You would have to be educated about the forces at work. And you would have to work to produce what you need to survive. Why can’t I just ask the government to pay for it?  Just like James Bovard says near the end of the film, America: Freedom to Fascism (Aaron Russo). “People have been taught to believe that the government is a great, necessary force for good. They should be taught to recognize it as one of the most dangerous forces they will encounter in their life.” So just as there are contrary truths, nature is beautiful but brutal, government is necessary but evil, Chomsky is seen as anarchist but is not in favor of property rights?! How does that add up? I gave a quick comment on Indymedia regarding chomsky and paul. The force that Paul fights is statism. In human affairs it is on a similar level to Mother Nature. Once the tide starts rolling or the wind starts blowing how do you stop it? Once the government establishes itself how does one direct it? When a program comes into existence how do you abolish it? The difference is that statism is a human affair and we have the power to stop it. Mother nature will always rule over us. If we learn to tame earth we still have the rest of the solar system to deal with.

It just frustrates me so much that they are trying to marginalize him because they don’t like his live and let live philosophy.


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