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Michigan, the economy, and

Posted by Jesse on January 15, 2008

Karen DeCoster writes about what Michigan is missing, and the mainstream media(MSM) isn’t helping one bit.

“So I get out of the car and it’s about 10 degrees, and there’s one guy standing outside handing out Ron Paul literature. There was an old woman walking in front of me, and a barely-voting-age gal coming in behind me. So I shake his hand and say, “Go Ron Paul.” The (cranky) old woman says, “Who the heck is Ron Paul. I’m voting for Hillary. We need a woman to finally tell the men what to do.” It’s frightening, but these people are the boneheads that enable the politicians in power. And they are functionally illiterate. The reasons for their choice of candidates are alarming. The young gal behind me takes the literature and says to the man, “I just heard of him the other day. Where did he come from? Who is he?”

I had a talk with the man, who was probably in his late 60s. He came from a Democratic, blue-collar, antiwar family and his father was a former delegate. He was a lifelong Democrat until 2000, when he discovered Ron Paul. His issues are the currency issue, foreign policy, the Security State, Health Nazi’ing, inflation, The Fed, and the IRS. The Ron Paul camp is the most diverse I have ever witnessed, in terms of age, profession, income level, background, and color. That’s why the Ron Paul campaign reflects real, voluntary diversity that is worth celebrating. That is, people of all backgrounds coming together to fight for a hopeful cause: real money, individual choice, private property, and the stamping out of the war-welfare-security-drug war-militarized police State.”


It’s not Just the Price of Milk, Stupid – It’s the Government
“MSNBC news coverage on the Michigan primary is focused on the usual topic – the so-called one-state recession in Michigan. They focus on all the usual things: unemployment from the auto industry, health care, no pensions. But then, they say, there’s the people who come out and vote because of the price of milk. An economic stimulus package will take care of that, they say. But they never tell the people why their money is worth less and why it buys fewer goods. They never mention that it was all the previous “stimulus” packages that juiced-up the Fed’s money machine, fiddled with interest rates, and jacked-up inflation in the first place.”


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