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I’ll be down on Main St in Bangor, Maine

Posted by Jesse on January 16, 2008

You’ll see signs for Ron Paul HQ. I’ll be volunteering, chatting, and soliciting.

Some friends and I are planning on having a rally, probably on Jan 31st. Date as yet to be announced. We want to pump up before the caucus on Feb 1,2,3.

Come on down and have some coffee and a bite to eat. We just rented the space out today so it will be a couple days before we are completely setup.

Man I’m going to practically be living in that place for the next two weeks I think. We will se how many people we can commit to show up as delegates.

Any ideas?


4 Responses to “I’ll be down on Main St in Bangor, Maine”

  1. Sorry about your candidate. (really)

    Do you know why the Republicans have 3 days of caucus, and the dems only one?

    I had to wait 3 hours yesterday!

    (But it was worth it. 😉

  2. Jesse said

    technically the municipalities have until march 20th to caucus. some towns are still caucusing. there was a county caucus consolidation effort across the state for some reason, i never really looked into the reasons given. we only had one town in our county of waldo that called their own caucus.

    there are many people of different political persuasions that have told me they would vote for him in the general election but he can’t win the republican nomination.

    that’s ridiculous.

  3. You’re right. That makes no sense.

    The nice thing about caucuses is that you can see right away who wins.

  4. Jesse said

    here in maine ron paul did well. romney had a stronger showing, with huckabee and mccain trailing respectively.

    we gained 215 of 608 delegates, with several municipalities yet to caucus.

    with romney in “suspension” it is hard to say exactly how it will play out.

    maine has 21 “unbound” delegates, i expect ron paul to end up with at least 9.

    of course, all state delegates become “unbound” after a few ballots at the national convention.

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