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Some neoconservative motives…and “islamofascism”

Posted by Jesse on January 16, 2008

Wikipedia has an entry on Stephen Schwartz
“After college, Schwartz became involved in the labor movement, first in the Sailors’ Union of the Pacific and then the AFL-CIO……Schwartz identified as a member of the Social Democrats USA, following a path similar to other Trotskyists who shifted from left- to right-wing politics.”

How many times have I heard some of the Republican Candidates use that word?

What Is ‘Islamofascism’?A history of the word from the first Westerner to use it.
by Stephen Schwartz

Daniel McCarthy has a piece on this “Springtime for Trotsky

“In most circles the word “fascist” is a generic pejorative, an epithet that conveys a moral judgment rather than a description. We Americans have perhaps become so accustomed to this use of the word that we don’t even think about it. We should, because “fascist” in this sense was specifically coined by the Communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky to identify all of his rivals, even Stalin, with Hitler and Mussolini – and with “the right.” Its use reveals the undying influence of Trotsky.

By calling Stalin a fascist, Trotsky and his followers could claim that “real” socialism is not a murderous ideology. They could further claim that all true threats to human dignity and freedom really come from the right. Although Trotsky himself had a rather fateful encounter with an icepick in 1940, Trotkyists today continue his fight on behalf of international social democracy. These days however, Trotskyists prefer to call themselves “neoconservatives.”

“…….Worthy of note is that while ex-Stalinists tended to denounce their Communist roots vehemently, neoconservatives like Kristol and Schwartz remain at least wistfully fond of Trotsky. It’s also worth noting that the neoconservative preoccupation with exporting social democracy abroad through war and mercantilism reflects the original split between Trotsky and Stalin. Trotsky argued that there could not be “socialism in one country” but rather that the revolution had to be truly international. And so the neoconservatives push for “human rights” and social democratic governments to be imposed on Serbia, for example, by force of arms.

And so fifty-six years after the death of Hitler we’re still fighting a war against “fascism” in one form or another. We’re still fighting to make the world safe for (social) democracy. Somewhere in the bowels of hell Leon Trotsky must be smiling.”


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