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the State has no money of its own, so it has no power of its own. ` Nock

HA! Good idea!

Posted by Jesse on January 18, 2008

Lew Rockwell writes on the blog:

Bush To Spend Even More, as a ‘Stimulus’
George the Keynesian proposes to spend even more money, to give a welfare check to most Americans, so they will spend it. He calls this a “stimulus.” In fact, nothing can stop the horrendous crisis the central bank and its enablers have visited upon us. All the government can do is cut spending, cut taxes, cut regulations, and stop inflating. Bush does the opposite, but you can help if you get a check. Save it or spend it on gold rather than consumption. You will thereby help yourself and the economy.

BTW, what Bush calls a “tax-cut” is nothing of the sort. He is increasing spending as revenues fall, thereby increasing an already crazed deficit. If he cut spending by $145 billion, and gave a $145 billion tax cut, that would be a small help. For a really significant cut, make it $1.45 trillion. That wouldn’t stop the recession, but it would shorten it, and lay the groundwork for genuine prosperity. Only Ron Paul knows economics among the candidates, and would do the right thing. We are damned to something that could be the Great Depression Jr. under anybody else.

UPDATE from George A. Barnes: “I’ve got an idea about this whole Bush ‘stimulus’ package. I’ve always heard that judo used the effort of the opponent against them. Why don’t we use the effort of the Neocon Stimulus Package against them? In other words, let’s get every Ron Paul supporter to commit to send whatever ‘rebate’ we get from Washington right on over to Ron Paul’s Campaign and use the very power of their money against them, to defeat their agenda.

“I will gladly be the first to commit to send my funny money rebate to Dr. Paul. (I’m maxed out but my wife still has some room.) Let’s make a REAL Stimulus Package……”

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