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McCain cannot win in the general election.

Posted by Jesse on February 3, 2008


If Republicans were honest about the future, it should be a two way race between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. (UPDATE: Romney’s Gone! Endorses McCain, we’ll see how his supporters feel about that)

I’ll be nice and throw Huckabee in there too. But I don’t think he could win in the general election either.

Since people aren’t taking a principled stand towards bringing the troops home and rallying behind Ron Paul, I have to admit that Romney does have a chance in the general election. I think his chances are slim.

I don’t know how many times I have heard:

“I’d vote for Ron Paul, but he can’t win.”

That’s the biggest cop-out and fear driven response. This is not the time to be manipulated.

If we want change… why are we settling for the middle of the road, for the status quo, for business as usual. Why?

I guess we just want to talk about it, that’s good enough. “Washington’s Broken” they say. Yet no one offers the real reasons why. Only one man is telling the truth. The people just aren’t ready for it.

Why a Primary Vote for John McCain is a General Election Vote for Hillary
“After four terms as Senator from Arizona, John McCain has written or co-sponsored enough legislation to give us a good idea of what he believes the proper role of government to be without explicitly asking. Even if we did ask, actions are what matters. Below is an analysis of McCain’s electability based on bills he’s sponsored, most of it in the last 8 years, and various speeches and op-ed pieces. I’ll spare you the suspense, and give you the summary up front; read the rest for supporting details. McCain sees the federal government as the solution to nearly every problem, and advocates creating new bureaucracies and federal databases to track and monitor the “solutions.” His bills are laden with the veneer of free market controls, tracking databases, and public-private information exchange and R&D so popular when alleged Republicans expand government; at the end of the day, he is expanding government in nearly every conceivable way. He is a committed Clintonian interventionist, often the lone Republican supporting Bill Clinton’s interventions of choice in Sudan, Somalia, Kosovo, and Bosnia.”



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