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Ah yes….Democrats and lobbyists….one big happy family

Posted by Jesse on February 17, 2008

Seeking Superdelegates

As the Democratic Party’s superdelegates decide whether to support Clinton or Obama, will they take into account the $904,200 they’ve received from the candidates?
By Lindsay Renick Mayer

“…….Obama, who narrowly leads in the count of pledged, “non-super” delegates, has doled out more than $698,200 to superdelegates from his political action committee, Hope Fund, or campaign committee since 2005. Of the 82 elected officials who had announced as of Feb. 12 that their superdelegate votes would go to the Illinois senator, 35, or 43 percent of this group, have received campaign contributions from him in the 2006 or 2008 election cycles, totaling $232,200. In addition, Obama has been endorsed by 52 superdelegates who haven’t held elected office recently and, therefore, didn’t receive campaign contributions from him.

Clinton does not appear to have been as openhanded. Her PAC, HILLPAC, and campaign committee appear to have distributed $205,500 to superdelegates. Only 12 percent of her elected superdelegates, or 13 of 109 who have said they will back her, have received campaign contributions, totaling about $95,000 since 2005. An additional 128 unelected superdelegates support Clinton, according to a blog tracking superdelegates and their endorsements, 2008 Democratic Convention Watch.”

A Horse of a different Color
March 5, 2007
“It had to happen sooner or later, and Barack Obama’s startling rise to near the top of the Democratic presidential pack made it sooner – I’m talking about his speech to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

…….The Democratic candidates have all prostrated themselves before the Lobby and pledged their undying fealty to a foreign policy distorted by its pro-Israel bias. This distortion was given full voice by Obama, who declared that our interest in the region “begins with a clear and strong commitment to the security of Israel.” Yes, begins – and ends. That has been the story for far too long, and a major cause of our troubles with the Muslim world. Obama has just signaled that this will not change under his leadership. How his antiwar supporters will take this – especially Obama’s stated willingness to go to war with Iran – is an open question, but my guess is that many are bound to be sorely disappointed.”

AIPAC is “the core of the Lobby’s influence in Congress.” Money is used as a weapon to bring down perceived anti-Israel candidates, such as former senator Charles Percy. Mearsheimer and Walt even bring up Jack Abramoff (naughty, naughty!) as an example of the power of lobbyists in Washington, and echo Pat Buchanan’s famous line that the place is “Israeli-occupied territory”:

The Lobby
March 20, 2006
“The bottom line is that AIPAC, which is a de facto agent for a foreign government, has a stranglehold on the U.S. Congress. Open debate about U.S. policy towards Israel does not occur there.”

The authors detail the penetration of the Clinton administration by the Lobby, which meant that the American delegation to the Oslo “peace process” negotiations basically took its orders from Tel Aviv. Yes, the delegation supported Oslo, but only within the limits determined by the Israelis. Palestinian negotiators had every reason to believe that, as they put it, they were “negotiating with two Israeli teams: one displaying an Israeli flag, and one an American flag.”

And things only got worse when Bush II took over.”


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  1. […] Jesse wrote an interesting post today on Ah yesâ¦.Democrats and lobbyistsâ¦.one big happy familyHere’s a quick excerpt“It had to happen sooner or later, and Barack Obama’s startling rise to near the top of the Democratic presidential pack made it sooner – I’m talking about his speech to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). … […]

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