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the State has no money of its own, so it has no power of its own. ` Nock

What does “big government” mean? (Audio)

Posted by Jesse on February 17, 2008

RIP: Harry Browne interviewed by Scott Horton in 2003. [MP3]

Check out some articles written by Harry here.

7 Vital Principles of Government
“It’s easy to think sometimes that a new government program, law, or regulation could cure a pressing social problem.

Whether it’s a desire to end abortions, keep the wrong people out of the country, make your city drug-free, stop corporate frauds, crack down on criminals, or make health care more accessible and less expensive, you can imagine how the right new law could make everything okay.

But when you get that kind of thought, I hope you’ll remember the seven principles that apply to all government programs — not just the ones you oppose.”

How to defend Marriage
“But what needs to be defended?

Apparently, a quarter to a third of all U.S. adults have been divorced. That would seem to indicate a much bigger threat to marriage than same-sex couples.”

National defense vs. national offense [May 30, 2002]
“The big issue currently is the question of how much the government knew in advance of Sept. 11.

But that’s almost irrelevant.

If some people in the government did have advance warnings, the government was too bureaucratic to respond. On the other hand, if no one knew anything, you have to wonder what they do with our money.

Either way, we’re paying the government $2 trillion a year and getting nothing in return. With all that money, the government should have been able to defend us from the box-cutter terrorists.

And after all the new invasions of our civil liberties and all the bombs dropped on Afghanistan and all the people killed by our military and all the bullying George Bush has done to make other governments join the crusade against terrorism, Vice-President Cheney says another terrorist attack is “almost certain.”

So what are we getting for our $2 trillion, for our lost civil liberties, and for the ill will being created worldwide?”


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