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Response to isolationism and gold.

Posted by Jesse on March 6, 2008

it’s not isolationism. look into it.
i would suggest having ron paul explain himself to you so you can make your own decision.

why would we pull out?
after building bases? we have bases in half the world. iraq is a very strategic position. always has been.
there are geopolitical motives. it all ties into our foreign policy. it has nothing to do with iraq.

politicians lie and mislead. always have, always will. it’s the statesmen you want.
besides. all you need to do is study history and those involved.

free trade
….well we are not removing regulations. they are growing more dense all the time, our economy is strangled right now because of insitutions like the Fed. they cannot avert the problem because they have aided and abetted the current situation.

we can talk about specifics. but the proof is in the pudding. politicians are slick. they have a huge agenda, huge bureaucracy, and all the protection in the world…..and they will give a speech highlighting a few points in a easy to understand package with all the right rhetoric.

it’s all the boring stuff that the majority doesn’t pay attention to that is important.

the fed….
inflation=expansion of the money supply

the fed claims to fight inflation.

seems odd doesn’t it?

what is a dollar worth? and why?
fiat money is only backed by confidence. not a commodity. it is subject to political whim. want to go to war and need a way to pay for it? print the money, (at least you don’t have to pay taxes, inflation is harder to measure and devalues your dollar)
are people in the world starting to dislike the government and its policies? they stop taking dollars…no problem there, right?

backed in gold?
now it has market value.

Where the Left Goes Wrong on Foreign Policy

disclaimer: i didn’t proof read


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