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Rock on Ron Paul! Things are coming round with time to spare.

Posted by Jesse on April 16, 2008

Luke Mullins from US News & World Report has a nice little interview with Dr Paul.

[Be sure to check out some of the comments. Isn’t it obvious it’s just spammers?!]

So you would advocate allowing a market correction to play out?
“Well, that’s the proper thing to do, but I’m also realistic so I know that that isn’t going to happen. That is what should be done. You have to get the Fed out of the business of economic planning. And with all these plans in place, not only do they want to manage and regulate banks, they want to manage and regulate every institution in the country. I mean this is massive what they are proposing—[the Treasury Department’s recently introduced plans to overhaul financial regulation], plus all these housing plans.

And Neil Cavuto is really giving Paul some great exposure.


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