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Oh Joy. Another Bush. Just what we need.

Posted by Jesse on April 24, 2008

“John McCain said Monday he will use this week’s “It’s Time For Action” tour to listen to the American people, even those who may not be inclined to vote for him. “I am going to listen to and learn from them about what government is doing to help their efforts and what it does to hinder them,” the presumptive GOP presidential nominee said. “The time for pandering and false promises is over. It is time for action,”
[is that what have you been doing all these years sir?]

Time for Action John? Will then step aside and let the real man step forward.
Here’s some real Straight Talk, Texas Straight Talk that is….

The Double Trouble of Taxation
“I have introduced legislation many times to abolish the IRS and the income tax. It is fundamentally un-American to require taxpayers to testify against themselves and be considered guilty until proven innocent. Abolishing the IRS altogether would trigger an avalanche of real growth in the economy.”
`Ron Paul

On Five Years in Iraq
“Iraq war supporters claim that the “surge” of additional US troops into Iraq has been a resounding success. I am not so confident. Under the “surge” policy the United States military has trained and equipped with deadly weapons those Iraqi militia members against whom they were fighting just months ago. I fear by arming and equipping opposing militias we are just setting the stage for a more tragic and dangerous explosion of violence, possibly aimed at US troops in Iraq . There is no indication that the Iraqi government has made any political progress whatsoever.

The sooner we withdraw the better. The invasion and continued US occupation has strengthened both Iran and Al-Qaeda in the region. Continuing down the road of a failed policy will only cost more money we do not have and more lives that should not be sacrificed. Interventionism has produced one disaster after another. It is time we return to a non-interventionist foreign policy that emphasizes peaceful trade and travel and no entangling alliances. We can begin by withdrawing from Iraq immediately.”

There are not enough people that support another Bush. And I mean you John.
Even though the alternatives aren’t any better, that’s besides the point. The major news coverage is representative of the attitude and mentality in this country. It is fraught with triviality and superficiality. Bottom Line? You are not popular enough. That means DOA.

The only thing that could actually combat this trend, this mainstream mentality, is someone that holds some cards of truth. As we all know Ron Paul has been the leading candidate in this field. Unfortunately so many Americans will not realize this until it’s too late. And we will live with it because Ron is one man and the campaign is not over after the election. And that’s the real message.

The transcendental challenge of the 21st century? If John McCain suddenly had a change of heart, or took things certain things into consideration and changed his tune? Say, realized that we had to pull out of Iraq, immediately, would Republicans flock to the Democrats? I mean, they won’t be pulling out of Iraq (or the middle east) anytime soon. Just drawdown in one region and deploy to another essentially. Naww, the chances of this happening are about as good as McCain winning the Presidency or Obama and Hillary actually helping. Or am I wrong? Would people actually come out and vote for someone who wants to “just come home”? I sure like to think so, but the evidence for such an occurrence is lacking. Unfortunately people seem to still be listening to everyone but themselves. Otherwise the people that want to fight for oil or freedom in the middle east would be there and pay for it themselves instead of asking everyone to pay for it in blood and money. This is only happening because people are letting it happen. Will politicians be help responsible for the deaths of a million Iraqis? Didn’t think so.

Challenge for the 21st century? Getting people to think about and act on self-reliance as much as possible. This is a recipe for peace and sustainability.


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    Thank you.

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