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my maine state convention comments reproduced (copy/paste)

Posted by Jesse on May 5, 2008

advice to future conventions goers. spend your time focusing on what is profoundly different about ron paul. make them think. ask for the people’s support. tell them why we need their support. others will come and help if they can better understand why we support ron paul. no one else is telling them. the party line is being shoved down everyone’s throats. the conventions goers will support you. the real conspiracy is that “they” who ask for “party unity” are telling people that the paul people are trying to “disrupt” or “take over” the conventions. the truth is that we need help. we want their support. “they” are claiming we are outsiders. that is the real conspiracy. this couldn’t be farther from the truth. let them know that this is not about “party”, it is about the state of the nation.

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good job paul people. there are more people that would support you all. i can see now why people don’t want to waste their time at such an event. the party line business is a threat to the nation.
democrat or republican? doesn’t matter at this point. how bad will things get? what is it that will bring some people together to tackle the pressing issues? i think ron paul better represents the precipice for such a notion than any of the top 3 candidates.

party unity? what hacks. none of the three have my vote. they can all get what’s coming to them. why subsidize bad behavior?
the (R)s failed miserably in representing their principles they claim to uphold. and succeeded greatly in being seduced by fear and manipulation. i know if they had more facts they would make a better choice. i can’t believe that they are content with the same old leadership, that delegate list is just plain insanity.

outside politics, as neighbors, you’ve got my support. within the party realm you can all bite me. that convention was representative of a sickness. cleanse yourself. open your ears. do whats best for the nation, all nations, and be good republicans, not party hacks.

the only two threats i heard mentioned at the convention were terrorists and democrats. that’s real intelligent. humrous, but ignorant. hence, that what we’ll get for leadership. sound like george bush al over again. “people get the government they ask for.”
why is it that the one man whos top contributors come from the army, navy, and air force not the republican candidate? why is it that the one man who votes according to the consitution every single time isn’t good enough?

i’ll tell you why. because the powers that be shut him down. the “liberal media” shut him down. most people didn’t get to hear him until it is now too late. and the nation is going to hurt because of it.

why is it that the one man who can actually explain what’s happening financially in the world and would actuallly reduce spending shown to the side door?

because the republican party at that convention sacrificed truth for unity.
[some guy wrote]
Since they couldn’t take
posted by PatrioticDelegate

Since they couldn’t take over the GOP, maybe they can try at the Democratic convention next. They’re all really Libertarians anyway.

[my response]
libertarian=small government

ronald reagan: “”If you analyze it, I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.”

as Ron Paul says: “The Constitution is very libertarian. The Constitution was meant to restrain the government and not restrain the people.”

Besides. Hasn’t Ron Paul been elected as a republican for every term that he has served? Hasn’t he recieved more campaign cash from active military servicemen than any other candidate? Why do you suppose that is?


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