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Raimondo, the Middle East, Israel, and Midcoast Maine

Posted by Jesse on May 17, 2008

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Justin Raimondo’s Speech in Maine
May 16, 2008 in News by Eric Garris | 1 comment’s Justin Raimondo spoke to the Midcoast Forum on Foreign Relations in Maine April 21.

Yesterday, Maine Public Radio broadcast the one-hour talk in its entirety.

Listen here.
This is the text of Justin’s speech reproduced on
The Middle East: Turning the Page on US Foreign Policy
Turning the Page on US Foreign Policy, Part 2


I attended this event and was happy for it. Nice atmosphere, met a few folks and had a good lunch while listening to the featured speaker, Justin, speak on The Israel Lobby.

Myself and a friend were the youngest attendees. While in our twenties, everyone else must have at least been fifty.

This forum has 150 members, roughly, and we were able to attend as “students”.
Registration is $100 per year plus the cost of lunch that is provided for each event. The fee this day was $20.


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