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the State has no money of its own, so it has no power of its own. ` Nock

quoting myself from another time & space, replicating

Posted by Jesse on September 25, 2008

firstoff, in a sense one could define the issue as one of overspeculation, but i don’t think you’re using the word the same way i am. and i think you totally underestimate (if not exclude from the debate) the impact of a central bank and the ability to generate artificial wealth in the market. we are talking about money, not just bad business policies, this is something that represents the daily actions of just about everybody on earth, and the control of it. there aren’t many more sinister weapons one could wield. its like the ultimate fraud.

but yes, i do think the federal government should get involved. this is a perfect job for them!! why else would one want a government if not to throw criminals in jail? or at least do the job they have sworn to do as a legislative body or as an executive of the national government. somebody should at least tell them fascism is bad. the point isn’t to deal with the system as it is. its about trying to change it for the better, for the future. (wow, i feel better now that i can talk like a politician!)

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