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Oh blogs …..

Posted by Jesse on October 8, 2008

well, my comments get ignored a lot. i get some response, but they rarely seem to grasp what my point was.

i know part of the reason is because i think that people would do what i did and say, “oh i get it now!”..but it takes time. it took me several years to understand the issue of money. but that’s where it really clicked for me. that combined with the concept of individual rights. collectivism is slavery.

i tend to respond to political issues because it is one of those things in life that imposes itself on everyone. its not like most other topics where people are free to have their own opinions about. it is a force that will be imposed upon you no matter what. hows that bumper sticker go? i could just ignore the whole darn idea, but maybe i will when i grow up some more. but the fact of the matter remains that i do believe changes can be made for the better. it starts with understanding human nature and rejecting statism.

ignore-your-rights and they’ll go away

now this is not exactly true, but it does make one ponder the thought, which is far more productive than most quarrels in politics.

anyway, this blog: has a few good things. it is run by some young men, i think, and they are a little off, maybe a lot off, on certain issues. i think, like a lot of younger folks, they just repeat what they hear. and are often defiant despite whatever it is that’s staring them in the face. this isn’t inherently bad, the question is, will they learn?

i could say alot more about what i’ve seen on that blog, both on things i despise and that i respect, but mainly i bring it up because of this one thing that really ticks me off. my comments are still awaiting moderation. i am thinking that the authors didn’t like my posts, i think i made two. they undermine some of their political foundations. and i suspect that can leave a sore spot. but then again, so im a little perturbed by it…its their blog and i have to respect their ownership if i want to uphold the principles i claim to believe in.

this site on the other hand lets me post but often ignores what i am trying to say. again, there are responses and disagreements, but whatever, there always will be. and again, they are young, not all male, but still young.

im not old, but i do remember how naive i was when i was younger. especially when it concerned matters of the state and human nature. i am still learning, its too bad the stupid public school system didn’t waste my time talking on subjects that actually mattered!! but we all know the answer to that one don’t we: “it might offend people.

thank god for the internet. i mean, al gore. actually i am grateful for the companies that provide this service its awesome! and i condemn any discussion of federally regulating it

peace out.

3 Responses to “Oh blogs …..”

  1. Jesse said

    sweet, my comments were accepted

    i was just a new poster i guess?

  2. Ian said

    I think comments with more than a link or two get caught in moderation at LE. One of mine got caught too.

  3. Jesse said

    yeah, i had never posted before so it didn’t recognize my signature.
    i have posted too many links before and the website regulated my comment.

    i post a lot of links instead of just blabbing. that way people can check out what im backing my comments up with. often times people aren’t able to coherently explain their position and the readers are left wondering what to think or can get the wrong idea. plus there are things in the articles that i don’t bring up that maybe another person may be more interested in.

    LE authors have yet to criticize a couple of my comments, but i suspect they will once they read up a bit on my position and find out a couple details. im sure they will call me a liberal. and its funny because the current day liberals see me as being on the right. ah yes. posters like nino and jkkuwitzy (something like that) dont’ like or don’t get my position at all and it makes me laugh because i think they are just willfully ignorant in contrast to just being dumb like some people. which is ultimately dumb, but its frustrating because they have the capacity to understand what i am saying but something holds them back.

    i like the bumper sticker, the right is wrong and the left is stupid.

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