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Choice products for learning about our economic choices.

Posted by Jesse on October 13, 2008

excerpted from Recession 2008, 2009, 2010

Of course, I will start with two indispensable websites. Awesome reads. Easy to understand (sometimes), concise (yup), and gets to the heart of the matter (always).

There is quite a list of goodies and baddies to choose from. There are books, daily articles, journals, audio, etc. Have a laugh or spend your learning about money, inflation, short selling, business cycles, etc. Valuable insights to be had!

The Bailout Reader

The Depression Reader

I think another particularly relevant source in this matter would have to be a certain congressman’s blog. He was in the presidential race and had a respectable showing despite the odds. A lot of individuals helped him raise a bunch of funding for lots of campaigning. Many would argue his words mean more today to more people than they did at the time he spoke them. In fact, the campaigning continues! But first I’d offer to direct you to a crucial economic insight. But it’s your choice!


Doug Casey has always made me laugh. He has a great attitude with some one liners that are not what you ordinarily hear. Look for him on youtube and radio interviews. In the meantime, he has his own opinion about The Greater Depression and What You Should Do About It.


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