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the anxiety of influence

Posted by Jesse on October 20, 2008

i tried to comment of another blog and had trouble yet again. any idea why i keep getting this

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i am signed in!! you stupid website!!
anyway….i tried to respond to a post without success…so i’ll do it here.
the blogger admits:
“I am a competent bank teller so I’m a whiz at counting and doling out cash, but beyond those and similarly simple financial transactions I am typically woefully ignorant.
“Krugman is a self-professed liberal….so his political bent aligns with mine”
ok, fine so far….except…and until…this:
“he’s (Krugman) a brilliant economist”
uh huh….makes sense right? lol.
maybe it might help to check out this article for a more comprehensive explanation

6 Responses to “the anxiety of influence”

  1. Ian said

    Dude, I use blogspot–not wordpress.

    And to my assertion that he is a brilliant economist, that is mostly due to the fact that he just won the Nobel Prize.

  2. Jesse said

    i know that, but i have commented on your blog before. i don’t think you’ve responded yet?

    perfect timing to win the prize don’t you think? ….given the circumstances and his propositions….

  3. Jesse said

    here i got one from a nobel prize winner:

    Saul Bellow
    “Take our politicians: they’re a bunch of yo-yos. The presidency is now a cross between a popularity contest and a high school debate, with an encyclopedia of cliches the first prize.”

    or more specific to the topic of economics
    “With the exception only of the period of the gold standard, practically all governments of history have used their exclusive power to issue money to defraud and plunder the people.”

  4. Jesse said

    actually, here is the proof that it is political in nature.

    the nobel prize in economics is given out by a central bank.

  5. Ian said

    Who is denying that the prize isn’t political in nature? Did I not just recently post that and American hasn’t gotten the prize in many years because of politics?

  6. Jesse said

    krugman’s plan: “increased government spending is just what the doctor ordered” is not good.

    i used your blog post as one example, of which there are many, which seem to back his idea.

    it’s just unfortunate that many may take this at face value, (lol, a natural play on words there)..krugman is well known and exploited on tv and in print, he gets the prize as though that’s supposed to mean he knows what he’s talking about…etc.

    sorry, i missed the part about an american absence in the prize…

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