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Another Gun Control Video, true gun control that is…

Posted by Jesse on October 21, 2008

July 9th is Buy a Gun Day

and the debate rages…..a fitting time to release a video so much against the grain of the “mainstream”…no?

Part 1


I would recommend “Good To Be King” by Michael Badnarik, [youtube] [google] the first Libertarian I voted for (in the 2004 election. Did it get counted? I can only assume so. Did it matter? To me it did. Whoop-de-do…

Part 2


Part 3


Of interest

The Worldwide Gun Control Movement, Reject UN Gun Control by Ron Paul

Bush v. the 2nd Amendment by Chris Powell

Gun Control and the War on Drugs by Anthony Gregory

Gun Control and Genocide by Gary North

Arm Yourself by Charley Reese


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