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the State has no money of its own, so it has no power of its own. ` Nock

Some cherry-picked news

Posted by Jesse on November 17, 2008

*Don’t miss Ray McGovern and Philip Giraldi on antiwar radio today, Monday, Nov 17. For more info head over the stress blog


Important!! Let the Obama admin know that Gates needs to go! Of course, the nation needs to be wary of who will replace the man, but we know there is some hope! Or maybe not.


And back to the Program–Here’ s some audio news regarding the Interventionist Left, the Pakistanis, and yet another idea on government reform.

1) First and foremost: Eric Margolis on the Taliban, Pakistan, destabilization, and nukes. [MP3 here]

2) For a look at what the Nation can expect from the Left now that they have gained even more seats in the halls of the US’s Imperial State, have listen to Justin Raimondo. Learn why Obama is a dangerous man and the democrats are no different than the Republicans in so far as the big issues of the day. “It’s about continuity.” [MP3 here]

[An in-depth look at neocons here.]

3) And finally, the latest from the famed Rockwell Podcasts. Dr Mark Thornton discusses the libertarian case for growing government, the checks of power in a republican form of government, and the History behind this position. For a little political sanity, listen to this podcast.

Dr Thornton was also interviewed by Scott Horton and they discussed the causes of the housing bubble and how it’s a big big scam.





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