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Warning Americans about Neocons and the Noble Lie

Posted by Jesse on November 23, 2008

“Americas rapid decent into fascist dictatorship.” []

(For more in-depth observations on such topics there are plenty of sources, but this Karen Kwiatowski video: A Collapsing Empire: Opportunities for Restoring the Republic is perfect for this purpose.)

Producer Joseph Sotille is interviewed here, on neo-conservative ideology of phony BS (noble lie), their elitist view, and who “the enemy” is. It’s up to the people to change the policy of the American government now. These adherents of this position have been around a long time, have been advancing their agenda for too long already, and this new administration is not free from these destructive ties or the current dire circumstances.

I made the observation that Obama and PNAC are in-line with each other back in march. (Here’s a fun article on infowars by Paul Joseph Watson: There’s a War on for Your Mind)

*Note: The best part of the whole interview: Joseph Sortille points out the amazing fact that Ron Paul received more individual donations from active duty military personnel than all the other candidates combined.

Scott Horton and Joseph Sortille have a great discussion about the major issues of our day. The second half is mostly about economic policies, the abscence of the free market, and the perps behind such disastrous policies: how those in power have worked so hard to destroy market disciplines; the great Smedley Butler and how the first fascist overthrow of the American government was taking place back in the thirties; the horrible scapegoating of Mexicans; and hot the global war on terrorism will never succeed.

This is a partial and paraphrased transcript for the first half of the interview:

Sotille/Hedges: “Until we walk away from the R and D party and have a greassroots movement nothing is going to change.”

Sotille: “The left right paradigm is really unimportant at this point.”

Scott: “I completely agree with you.”

Sotille: “What is free market ideology and what is capitalism?” “Capitalism is being associated with socialism.” “The idea of loss is being externalized to taxpayers.”

Scott: “Adam Smith was not refuting socialism, at the time, he was refuting mercantilism, or socialism for rich people.”

Sotille: “Neo-cons and neo-liberals are really two sides of the same coin.” “A lot of obsfucation in language.” “To really give people a sense of what these people are up to is really a challenge.”

“One of the untold stories of the last four or five years concerns the Defense Intelligence Agency.” “One of the reasons they moved many of the covert functions of the CIA is because there isn’t any congressional oversight under the law as it is now.”

Scott: “It seems to me that one reason that Bush hasn’t been subject to impeachment proceedings is because people like Pelosi and Rockefeller and others are also responsible for torture programs etc.”

Sottile: “We should give Obama the benefit of the doubt. It is historic in terms of racial history. The real nuts and bolts can be summed up by Reagan’s dictum: “trust but verify.” “Ask questions about the unitary executive, declarations of marshall law, preemptive war, terror watch list, etc.”

Scott: “All the hope and inspiration that have been inspired by Obama is dangerous because it may provide the avenue for Obama to paper over these issues.”

Sotille: “The MSM (mainstream media) is going to give the Obama admin a grace period and its up to the people to put the pressure on.” “What we have to be is informed. The media is not doing it for you.”


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