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Will Cubans ‘boo’ Barack Obama?

Posted by Jesse on November 25, 2008

CFR President Richard Haas writes: (emphasis mine)

The United States can play a positive role [PDF] in promoting the values of an open society with policies that support the greater enjoyment of human rights by Cubans and lay the groundwork for a pluralistic future on the island. This could be facilitated by increasing contact between U.S. and Cuban citizens (including Cuban Americans and their families) through reducing current Department of Treasury travel restrictions. The time is ripe to show the Cuban people, especially the younger generations, that an alternative exists to permanent hostility between these two nations and that the United States can play a positive role in Cuba’s future. Given this, the United States should initiate a series of steps, with the aim of lifting the embargo against Cuba. While increased trade might funnel more resources to the Cuban government and strengthen its short-term staying power, economic isolation has long provided Cuba’s authorities with a convenient excuse for many of the island’s core problems.

Richard Haas sure sounds like Ron Paul on this issue doesn’t he? Maybe that’s because it would be insane to continue down this destructive and unproductive path. The damage is done. If one wants to stay ahead in life this is the only desirable option left on the table.

Ron Paul writes in his Struggling for Relevance article:

One would think we would be able to survey the results of the last 45 years and come to logical conclusions.

Changing course never seems to be an option, however, no matter how futile or counterproductive our past actions have been.… Our isolationist policies with regards to Cuba , meanwhile, have hardly won the hearts and minds of Cubans or Cuban-Americans, many of whom are isolated from families because this political animosity.

The “Partnership for the Americas Commission“[PDF] drawn up by the Brookings Institution weighs in on this this logic as well:

U.S.-Cuban relations have disproportionately dominated U.S. policy toward the LAC region for years. Tensions generated by U.S. policies toward Cuba have affected the United States’ image in the region and have hindered Washington’s ability to work constructively with other countries. For this reason, addressing U.S. policy toward Cuba has implications that go beyond the bilateral relationship and affect U.S. relations with the rest of the LAC region more generally. Political change in Washington, combined with recent demographic and ideological shifts in the Cuban American community and recent leadership changes in Cuba itself, offer a valuable opportunity to change course.

This second video is Paul explaining his position that he proposed in the (above) debate. Note Paul’s sound reasoning and insight about this “valuable opportunity”.

And those at the GOP debate booed him because…? Oh yeah, it’s a Republican debate. Isn’t that Party that has been in decline and has been losing seats in the Imperial US Government? Wonderful. Now we’re really in trouble. The Dems have a lot of control and all the gusto they need by drawing off the “8 years of failed Bush policies.” That oughta give them cover for the whole 4 years (maybe 8?) of an Obama administration which, as we all should know by now, can do no wrong and has all our best interests in mind.


One Response to “Will Cubans ‘boo’ Barack Obama?”

  1. talkingcuba said

    Until we lift the embargo, Cubans don’t have a chance for freedom.

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