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Nightly News Propaganda on Inflation

Posted by Jesse on December 23, 2008

Watching the mainstream media is intolerable, but I do watch it when it’s convenient and always find more evidence for my convictions. For example:

A piece on an African Nation displayed two numbers on screen, giving the impression they are connected.

  1. The unemploymet rate of %90.
  2. An unfathomable rate of inflation.

That was it. No other numbers. No further explanation. My immediate thought was: Why does this apply only in Africa and not to the United States?

Oh that’s right, because we don’t have inflation in the US. The Federal Reserve maintains a %2 inflation rate by “fighting inflation.” Really. LoL.

Do you realize that the Federal Reserve actually exists to inflate?

Government Meddling With Money


2 Responses to “Nightly News Propaganda on Inflation”

  1. jeliwickham said

    one thing i’m wondering about the future of money is how it will evolve and into what. It become clear after close examination of our current monetary system that it is absolutely corrupt, fraudulent and unsound, unsustainable. And so what sort of new market functions come in? A gold standard again? Or is this not the system that power hungry people were able to manipulate and pervert into their favor? Ron paul has stated that he believes in a “new gold standard” as opposed to returning to the old gold standard. I wonder however, if the people in the marketplace would adapt commodity money again if the coersive monopoly on money were to dissapear. Is proposing an alternative even nessesary when seeking to abolish or exit from a flawed monetary system and back into a free market. How on earth can we predict where the free market would go, and should we for that matter?

  2. Jesse said

    that is the question. we can’t predict where the free market will go. it’s up to us i guess.

    Tolstoy’s Majority

    this link isn’t a direct answer to the money issue, but of empire. it is coming to an end as we have come to know it and we should ask what choices we have before us? it’s really just an inspiring piece.

    but it also points out the aspect of subjective value, each person has the ability to make choices about a thing’s value. so there is no telling what trends will develop in the market. everybody has a different role to play, but the things that unite us are hopefully found peacefully and voluntarily, not distorted through control and manipulation.

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