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the State has no money of its own, so it has no power of its own. ` Nock

Will Obama fight fascism?

Posted by Jesse on January 4, 2009

As the economic situation, (otherwise known as the “crisis” as determined by our fearful leaders and their corporate con-friends), unfolds, we shall see what route Obama will take. As the news of the day filters through the economy, and spews out the mouths of the talking heads and spokespeople for the new administration (as with the last rulers, and those before these!), I think the answer will be clear. Indeed, there is much information already available that shows where  Obama will lead this nation by knowing how he will direct the wealth of the people.

[John T Flynn]:

And so we flirt a little with the idea that perhaps fascism might be set up without these degrading features, that even if there is to be totalitarian government it is to be just a teeny-weeny bit totalitarian and only a teeny bit militarist and imperialist only on the side of God and democracy.


One Response to “Will Obama fight fascism?”

  1. jeliwickham said

    will Obama fight fascism? hmmm. my answer is no. Is he not becoming part of this machine that salvates with an unsatisfiable hunger for more state control, power and growth into peoples lives and our economic hemisphere and well being? I don’t think he will fight it, so much as he will act as the sort of novacane to keep us numb so the pain we would feel from this frightening trasition to a less free, less liberal, more socialist more fascist environment will not be felt at all, until the novacane wears out and we look in the mirror and hardly recognize ourselves anymore. Just a thought. A simpler shorter answer would be no. He’s a puppet for the heirarchy of power and command and so whatever actions he takes which will not interfere with the major overall corporate/big government/fascist adjenda. If anything his action in office will compliment that adjenda. –johnny

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