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Another response to David, in my own words

Posted by Jesse on January 20, 2009

If you haven’t read the last response, it’s a compilation of various articles that explain the problems with the Estate tax among others.

ugh. it’s just so distasteful in my opinion.

david wants the estate tax for what reason?

“The government has to tax somebody”

but for what exactly? the answer is never specifically given. i assume it is because david assumes that any wealth laying around that he and his friends deem as being unproductive or excess is up for grabs.

and who better to target than people who have more wealth? and people who may have a harder time putting up a fight at that, such as the deceased.

david’s support for such measures is hindered by “wealthy anti-tax hawks and ignorant poor people”

but not to worry….”It is unlikely to cause significant harm to anybody”, therefore it’s justified.

the conclusion reasons that another purpose of the estate tax, presumably, is to reduce income inequality, especially since this wealth disparity has been rising over the years

(don’t bother trying to explain why this is so and targeting that issue, the issue here is the estate tax and 101 reasons it should exist – *yes, it’s called sarcasm).

why not just reduce the burden on the poor instead of taking from the rich to bring about a more balanced “equality”?

I can only hope that David’s underlying philosophy advocates taking that money from the wealthy for the purpose of helping the general welfare and maybe even to educate “the ignorant poor people”, (even though I  see this action as a perpetuation of injustice, not any kind of vindication; not to mention the argument that such moneys will never efficiently be used for such purposes).

I don’t feel secure with the idea that government can take from some and then will send those moneys to those that truly need it. I feel much more secure when people commit to the idea that government and others should be prohibited from stealing. (isn’t that the very reason government is instituted?)



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