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Cspan w/Paul Singer covers “New Ethics Rules”

Posted by Jesse on January 26, 2009

Good interview. I didn’t see the whole segment. Singer seemed reasonable, answered well, and had a good take on lobbying: It is protected by the first amendment; and this isn’t the first time standards have been issued in the realm of ethics.

Bringing Sunlight to Congress Ron Paul

New Rules, Same Game Ron Paul

Good and Bad Lobby Groups Michael Rozeff


This book contains so many great statements. I am familiar with a decent amount of Paul’s work, but his insight, forethought, and principled positions on the various matters that confront this nation still amaze me. Thank you for dedicating your life to such important work Dr Paul.

(My local newspaper ran an editorial and put Paul and Greenspan in the same sentence together when commenting on free markets vs. keynesianism! No mention of Mises. They obviously don’t know their economic schools of thought, libertarianism, or Ron Paul’s history.“She [Ayn Rand] attracted many government and industrial leaders including former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul” What?! One would think a newspaper would know something about black & white. J.M. Keynes & Ayn Rand – Bangor Daily New)


PS- Obama continues his assault on rigid ideology. Yeah right. Who and what is he referring to? I doubt he will ever find the time to explain his position. He’s just too important and has no time to talk about it. Just trust him (and his non-ideology).

Obama, your “approach” just doesn’t cut it for me.

“Let me be clear.” – I promise to work with people who are inspired by your message of hope, toward a better future for all, but I do not trust you, your administration, or your “global coalition”.




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