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the State has no money of its own, so it has no power of its own. ` Nock

Daily Show – Satire or Truth?

Posted by Jesse on January 29, 2009

Jon Stewart proves Obama is Bush

Result: Government continues to advance, the people remain divided. And there are those call this progress? and Change?

Real change Requires Revolution

Dissecting Obama’s Speech

Real World order is Chaotic, What is Anarchy?


2 Responses to “Daily Show – Satire or Truth?”

  1. freedomainradio said

    You should totally check out Freedomain Radio… 🙂

  2. Jesse said

    thanx for the suggestion!

    i don’t visit the site often, though i have downloaded and fully listened to some of stephan’s publications. practical anarchy is an essential part of my itunes library and the logic is gainfully employed by me in everyday life!

    i have also subscribed to the freedomain youtube channel. my youtube category (on this blog) lists “stefbot” which is the official freedomain youtube channel link.

    thanx again! and feel free to comment further.

    ps- i totally appreciate the great work stephan!

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