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Anneli – Wife, journalist, and heartfelt – “in love and out of fear”

Posted by Jesse on February 7, 2009

From WERU:

…..a reporter for Swedish Public Radio.  In the spring of 2007 she made an overland journey from Libya through the Middle East and the Balkans and up through eastern Europe to her childhood home in the north of Sweden.  She recorded her observations in a “letters home” style in several installations.

…..About the people I’ve come across, the small every day events and the culture clashes I encountered out there, about living in a backpack and living on the road. About the language difficulties, the unreal situations and my absent husband, about falling in love and out of fear.

The word needs to be put out there, even more so I think in America; the Middle East is more than suicide bombers and fanatic Muslims. Balkan is more than a former war-zone. We shouldn’t trust what we hear, and should question what we known. The world isn’t as distance as it might seem”

Listen to this segment here in her own words.


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