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Left or Right? Stalin or Hitler? That makes no sense.

Posted by Jesse on March 15, 2009

5 Responses to “Left or Right? Stalin or Hitler? That makes no sense.”

  1. josiahe said

    Sorry; it’s not a 2 dimensional world!
    Libertarinas correlate to what (2 dimensional) party?
    A flier would correctly ask: Yaw? Pitch? Or Roll? It’s a 3-dimensional world!

    Fascism was not Socialist? What party did Hitler belong to? Duh! The National Socialist Party!

    Libertarians are just glorified anarchists! They’ll allow drugs to be free and legal, subsequently destroying the society they believe in ….. or do they?

  2. Jesse said

    you’re just trying to avoid the point by nitpicking and saying things that aren’t true. you think the drug war is a good thing then? should people who do drugs be jailed? raided? targeted as though they are criminals?

    Why Nazism Was Socialism and Why Socialism Is Totalitarian

  3. josiahe said

    Obviously, I hit on the truth – DEAD ON!
    Besides or because drugs are illegal, they destroy lives! Libertarians think they shouldn’t be.
    Therein lies the weak link in Libertarian thinking!
    The allowing of what will destroy society, should not be allowed; that’s only common sense – which Ron Paul and others of the Total Lib ilk could care less about!
    Drugs do cause users to make bad decisions ….. maybe one is becoming a Libertarian : /
    Users ARE criminals. If it were not for users, we would not have had the 6,000 murders at the border last year, the rape and murder of hundreds of women in bourdertowns, the narco-terrorist states are knocking on our back door, murdering, raping and Libertarians want to get high?
    They can burn for all I care!
    Want to hear how I really feel?

  4. Jesse said

    you are seriously messed up in the head if you think drug users are the same as murderers.

  5. Jesse said

    stop smoking crack. it’s not good for you.

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