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Will Obama fight fascism?

Posted by Jesse on January 4, 2009

As the economic situation, (otherwise known as the “crisis” as determined by our fearful leaders and their corporate con-friends), unfolds, we shall see what route Obama will take. As the news of the day filters through the economy, and spews out the mouths of the talking heads and spokespeople for the new administration (as with the last rulers, and those before these!), I think the answer will be clear. Indeed, there is much information already available that shows where  Obama will lead this nation by knowing how he will direct the wealth of the people.

[John T Flynn]:

And so we flirt a little with the idea that perhaps fascism might be set up without these degrading features, that even if there is to be totalitarian government it is to be just a teeny-weeny bit totalitarian and only a teeny bit militarist and imperialist only on the side of God and democracy.

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Original Intent, First Principles, and DR Rand Paul

Posted by Jesse on December 6, 2008

Edwin Viera is a speaker at this event on Dec 16, 2008 in Boston MA.


I am sure that Dr Rand Paul has been asked, but I don’t know the answer: Will you run for President or possibly Governor, sir? rand_paul

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A Taste of Nature’s Fat ‘n Fascination

Posted by Jesse on November 26, 2008

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The Heroic Bourne – On ‘Youth’ and Salvation

Posted by Jesse on November 26, 2008

[Y]outh is the incarnation of reason pitted against the rigidity of tradition; youth puts the remorseless questions to everything that is old and established – Why? What is this thing good for? And when it gets the mumbled, evasive answers of the defenders it applies its own fresh, clean spirit of reason to institutions, customs and ideas and finding them stupid, inane or poisonous, turns instinctively to overthrow them and build in their place the things with which its visions teem. . . .

Youth is the leaven that keeps all these questioning, testing attitudes fermenting in the world. If it were not for this troublesome activity of youth, with its hatred of sophisms and glosses, its insistence on things as they are, society would die from sheer decay. It is the policy of the older generation as it gets adjusted to the world to hide away the unpleasant things where it can, or preserve a conspiracy of silence and an elaborate pretense that they do not exist. But meanwhile the sores go on festering just the same. Youth is the drastic antiseptic. . . . It drags skeletons from closets and insists that they be explained. No wonder the older generation fears and distrusts the younger. Youth is the avenging Nemesis on its trail. . . .

Our elders are always optimistic in their views of the present, pessimistic in their views of the future; youth is pessimistic toward the present and gloriously hopeful for the future. And it is this hope which is the lever of progress – one might say, the only lever of progress. . . .

The secret of life is then that this fine youthful spirit shall never be lost. Out of the turbulence of youth should come this fine precipitate – a sane, strong, aggressive spirit of daring and doing. It must be a flexible, growing spirit, with a hospitality to new ideas and a keen insight into experience. To keep one’s reactions warm and true is to have found the secret of perpetual youth, and perpetual youth is salvation.

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Secular Ethics (UPB)

Posted by Jesse on October 26, 2008

Stefbot’s Intro, or “Summation”, that describes the relationship involving the mind, material reality, and the concept of truth.

  1. Since material reality behaves is a rational and predictable manner
  2. A statement that is true must describe something that is objective rational and predictable
  3. Those thoughts which are designed to define truth must be objective rational and predictable.

Molyneux concludes Ethics Reloaded! with a definiton of morality

  1. Any theory that attempts to describe and define universally preferable behavior.
  2. Judged as ‘true or ‘false’ first by internal consistency, and then according to general evidence.

Find a whole lot more on politics to philosophy to psychology to economics to relationships to religion at

Youtube channel here.

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