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Ideology – Washington scared, radicals prohibited.

Posted by Jesse on February 1, 2009

*Mainstream politics is empowered and promotes its own stimulus while the radicals remain on the fringe and marginalized more than ever. (Mainstream is not sustainable, by definition it is a trend. Radicals are principled.)

Here is a partial list of the definition of ideology:

  • political orientation: an orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation
  • An ideology is an organized collection of ideas. An ideology can be thought of as a comprehensive vision, as a way of looking at things (compare Weltanschauung), as in common sense (see Ideology in everyday society below) and several philosophical tendencies (see Political ideologies), or a set …
  • Doctrine, philosophy, body of beliefs or principles belonging to an individual or group; The study of the origin and nature of ideas
  • ————————————-

Propaganda from the Middle of the Road []

When mainstream journalists tell me during debates that “our news doesn’t reflect bias of the left or the right,” I ask them if they therefore admit to reflecting bias of the center. Journalists react as if I’ve uttered an absurdity: “Bias of the center! What’s that?”

Washington is afraid of being framed.

In order to gain the publics favor, a populist message has to be presented, and with it, an image. That image, Obama tells the people, is “us”. “We” are the ones we have been waiting for. He is framing the issue, and that frame contains a mirror.

“We” know that the government is not representing “we” the people. The public wants change. Why else did Obama win?

While people ma interpret Obama’s message as empowering it is crucial to note the fallacy.

Audacity of Ideology (found at

For the past two years, Barack Obama has made it hard for anyone to pin him down philosophically.

most of his references to ideology are disdainful and dismissive.

This idea of fostering a political agenda without ideology is confusing and dangerous. The impression becomes that law has the potential to change at will.  A law that can change in such ways is not law, but folly. Given that government has a monopoly on enforcement, it is imperative that ideology be known.

[Audacity of Ideology]:

Obama regularly offers three telltale notions that will define his presidency — if events allow him to define it himself: “sacrifice,” “grand bargain” and “sustainability.”

And there you have it. The selling points. These are Obama’s investments, banking on the intellect of the American people. Sacrifice is inevitable, so give it up. The grand bargain is what he is selling, and you have no choice but to buy it (sacrifice). And sustainability is the alleged final outcome. Of course, there is no contract and hence no guarantee. The only guarantee is that the people will pay.

When I turn on the news, or read articles, it seems obvious that people don’t even know what to expect from this administration or congress. They don’t even know what they are paying for!

No wonder so much time and money is being spent in the alleged attempt to induce confidence!

Washington is bankrupt financially and intellectually. So they throw around fake money to buy time to come up with an idea.

Meanwhile ….the people fight, and government gets fat n happy.

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35,000 Registered Lobbyists in Washington

Posted by Jesse on February 1, 2009

Why Lobbyists Hate Ron Paul

With him, I could send millions to his pocket, and if he intended to vote against my wishes, that money wouldn’t matter… he would still vote against my wishes. He’s a big problem if he ever made it into office.. thank God it looks like he won’t… not because I don’t like the man as an American.. it’s just that he would make my job hard.

[See:  Presidential Candidates  Selected Industry Totals 2008 ]

Good and Bad Lobby Groups [Rozeff -Prof. of Finance]

Lobbyists, according to various definitions, contact, inform, communicate, try to influence, persuade, and influence government officials to pass legislation that favors them or their backers. They also mobilize voters to use petitions to exert public pressure for political actions.

Law is for sale. It is not law on the market because Congress has the legal power to make law and no competition. Ameliorating factors are that the lobbies compete and the individual members of Congress compete. The conscience of the voter and the jealousies of members of Congress also place limits on the corruption.

New Rules Same Game – Paul

The dependency on government generated by welfarism and warfarism, made possible by our shift from a republican to a democratic system of government, is the real scandal of the ages. If we merely tinker with current attitudes about the role of the federal government in our lives, it won’t do much to solve the ethics crisis. True reform is impossible without addressing the immorality of wealth redistribution.

After all, criminals by definition ignore laws; unethical people ignore the rules of ethics. Changing the rules or the players is merely a band-aid if we don’t change the nature of the game itself.

Searching for a New Direction – Paul

If we’re inclined to improve conditions, we should give serious consideration to the following policy reforms, reforms the American people who cherish liberty would enthusiastically support:

  1. No more “No Child Left Behind” legislation;
  2. No more prescription drug programs;
  3. No more undeclared wars;
  4. No more nation building;
  5. No more acting as the world policemen;
  6. No more deficits;
  7. Cut spending – everywhere;
  8. No more political and partisan resolutions designed to embarrass those who may well have legitimate and honest disagreements with current policy;
  9. No inferences that disagreeing with policy is unpatriotic or disloyal to the country;
  10. No more pretense of budget reform while ignoring off-budget spending and the ever-growing fourteen appropriations bills;
  11. Cut funding for corporate welfare, foreign aid, international NGOs, defense contractors, the military industrial complex, and rich corporate farmers before cutting welfare for the poor at home;
  12. No more unconstitutional intrusions into the privacy of law-abiding American citizens;
  13. Reconsider the hysterical demands for security over liberty by curtailing the ever-expanding and oppressive wars on drugs, tax violators, and gun ownership.

Finally, why not try something novel, like having Congress act as an independent and equal branch of government? Restore the principle of the separation of powers, so that we can perform our duty to provide checks and balances on an executive branch (and an accommodating judiciary) that spies on Americans, glorifies the welfare state, fights undeclared wars, and enormously increases the national debt. Congress was not meant to be a rubber stamp. It’s time for a new direction.

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An Economic Joke for the times – In all seriousness

Posted by Jesse on January 29, 2009

Speaking on the state of the nation – an insiders look into the halls of congress:

It isn’t all that hard to predict. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that if you print a lot of money it becomes worthless. `Ron Paul

Quote taken from this podcast:

The Biggest Bubble in the History of the World

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Daily Show – Satire or Truth?

Posted by Jesse on January 29, 2009

Jon Stewart proves Obama is Bush

Result: Government continues to advance, the people remain divided. And there are those call this progress? and Change?

Real change Requires Revolution

Dissecting Obama’s Speech

Real World order is Chaotic, What is Anarchy?


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Obama: STOP pretending you represent everyone!

Posted by Jesse on January 28, 2009

Yahoo news:

President Barack Obama says businesses and workers are counting on Washington for “bold and swift” action to steady the struggling economy.

This is exactly the type of crap thats gets america in trouble at home and around the world! People want to bash Bush and I don’t blame them. Now millions want to oppose this adminstration!

Guess what: It has nothing to do with personality or charisma. It’s policy. Get it through your stubborn (read: establishmentarian) head.

Now is not the time for continuity! Its time for change. Just like you promised MR President.

Perpetuating crisis to ratchet up government because you don’t trust society to solve these problems on their own is not the answer. It only adds to the problem! Stop the continuity of dependency and warfare!

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