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the State has no money of its own, so it has no power of its own. ` Nock

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Laughing at/with black and white america.

Posted by Jesse on February 24, 2009

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Market anarchy – It’s only natural. Embrace life, don’t fight it.

Posted by Jesse on February 11, 2009

Market anarchy is Practical Anarchy:

Although improbable, it is not completely impossible that you might find something radical, thrilling and new in this book – despite its cover price. The best way to spread new ideas is to make them as available and accessible as possible, which is why I give everything away, and rely – not without reason – on the generosity of my readers and listeners.

Nonviolence, Voluntarism, and the end of war:

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Telling stories can be truthful.

Posted by Jesse on January 31, 2009

this video reminded me of this post by heather macintosh:

“fiction and non-fiction are only different techniques of story telling. for reasons i don’t really understand, fiction dances out of me….and non-fiction is wrenched out by the aching broken word i wake up to every morning.”…

“the theme of much of what i write, fiction as well as non-fiction, is the relationship between power and powerlessness, and the endless circular conflict we’re engaged in”

`arundhati roy

here’s the playlist for the documentary:

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“We” WANT to believe politicians – ABC’s 20/20 tells all.

Posted by Jesse on January 30, 2009

Part 1 sets the precedent

Part 2 exposes the governments hypocrisy and propaganda on the “economic crisis”

part 3 shows how people are rebuilding new orleans and the government is a nuisance.

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Blues for WED Jan 28, 2009

Posted by Jesse on January 28, 2009

Harry ManxOnly Then [Wise and Otherwise, 2002]

(Couldn’t Find Youtube for Only Then, here’s another)

Jewel – Who Will Save Your Soul

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