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Scorpian Personality and blogging

Posted by Jesse on December 23, 2008

I wouldn’t go so far as to believe in astrology so much as I will admit I am intrigued to varying degrees. In the spirit of curiosity, I ask myself and others…is this scorpian personality represented within the content of this/my blog?

I may just say yes, and no I’m not on the cusp (Nov 3). I just leave it to the reader to determine.

From alphainventions:

Scorpio: The Positive You

The positive you is dedicated and determined. You are more introvert than outgoing in fact you can have a reserved and mysterious nature. You can be secretive but not in a mean way, you just prefer to keep your private affairs to yourself. For that reason, too, you can be trusted to keep a secret. You aren’t a gossip. You are sensitive and strongly intuitive.

You have incredible drive and stamina. Passion is aimed towards all those things in life that you take seriously. You are resourceful and determined and set high standards for yourself. You don’t need other people to motivate you, once you start something you will not stop until you are satisfied you cannot go any further.

You love to delve and are great at research. Your perceptive mind and sensitivity helps you pick up on things others with less insight overlook. You will be interested in psychology, philosophy and spirituality and you may have spiritual powers of healing.

Scorpio is a Water sign and emotions run deeply. Yet of all the sun signs Scorpio is one of the strongest, emotionally. As a friend you are loyal. As a lover you are deeply devoted and passionate.

– Determined and forceful
– Emotional and intuitive
– Powerful and passionate
– Exciting and magnetic. Scorpios have magnetic and dynamic personalities. Typically they are likable and have a soothing affect on those around them.
– Scorpios also tend to be very creative and inventive and excel in professional careers such as medicine chemistry and physics.
– They tend also to be patient, courteous, loyal and generous.
– Those around them will often use them to help with problem resolution.
– Their greatest assets are the powers of will and determination.

Scorpio: The Negative You


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